Ok,  short refresher,  last dec i relpaced starter w rebuilt from usa parts.  and even then,  after short runs where i got up to temp, if i shutvcar off, and then tried to start, it would drag heavily  a d would not start.  10 min later, it would start fine.   At the time,  i hv cleaned all grounds, all grounds properly,   i wrapped wires withe the heat tape, moved them back from exh manifold,  things seemed ok.

Last cupla weeks,  same symptom,  short rides around town, no problems, always starts, longer rides,  if i get gas,  car barely starts,  sometimes, it doesnt even click,  i can just hear a humm,  after a time or two. , it will slow turn, then start.  

So i got bk under car, notced the black wire had a crack anf i coukd see copper.  As a temp fix, i put electric tape on it,  applied the heat tape,  took out for long ride tonight, 45 min or so at 70,  [no vibrations from rear, yeah!!]

Anyway, i got out, got in,   no start.  

So what testing should i do now,   should i try to rewire from ignition key to solenpoid/starter,   replace solenoid,  what further test can i run that i didnt try in dec.    my limited knowledge says heat has something to do with this,  sustained heat, not just 2 minutes cross town, but longer rides.other than this recurring headache,  car doing good

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Good points made Robert S. 


I did not misread anything you posted to be clear
Just indicated all the above trouble shooting was discussed prior in the thread and covered already In detail in the tread
So why is the same info suggested again in the middle of the thread by you and others
That has been covered in detail already ?
The only answer is --the thread is not being read before a suggestion is offered
I cannot see how this helps the tread develope into a clear concise solution of the issue at hand but only duplication of the trouble shooting that has been covered already
Of what value is that ?
If anything that duplication in itself is causing some confusion and time in resolving the repair problem
Why are we doing the same trouble shooting procedures --twice then ??

Sorry - but this makes little sence to me and causes confussion as i see it




Here's my two cents. I love all the input everyone puts into a problem. Sometimes with replies not being in order by date and time it can be quite confusing. I've seen people make replies in the middle of threads that are years old. Other websites allow you to quote an earlier post in a thread and this makes it much more intuitive and keeps continuity. Keeping the posts in chronological order would help with continuity and make it easier to follow. 

This was all going on during our shift, so I missed out on this thread a bit.

Has Tony chucked all his toys out of the cot and spat the dummy? I see he hasn't posted since.

you guys don't call them a dummy.....


I'm dying here, please stop it Kevin.  Tony's got a wedgie, he will get over it. Come on Tony time to get back to the party. 

C'mon Tony, it'll only stop when you get back on here. PMSL. :-)

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