brake smell or axle grease smell (Rear) 63 cdv AND may have screws pooch!!

Thanks have been going fairly well.  over last week or so, i have noticed a bit of that axle grease smell when i come out of the door, not always, but sometimes.  today, i was out, and notice a pretty good shake at a higher speed.  car felt like it was being held back,, brakes seemed ok, no squatting, nothing out of normal feeling.

i got home, checked engine fluids, all ok,, looked behind wheels, didnt really notice any thing, brake lines were fine, no leaking.

i reached down an for whatever reason, felt the back driver hubcap and it was HOT!  i wen over to the passenger side and it was no where near as hot, I'm mean, it was burn your finger hot,, so i thought something was up, jacked it up, popped cap, started to pull lug bolts and twisted one by hand and almost drew a blister!!!  all of them were to hot to hold in your hand, only pinch an toss,,,

waited for stuff to cool,

Now, couple weeks back, i mentioned on one post, a dribble of something coming out of axle attached at brake,,but it was minor and one response seemed to discourage unless really got to leaking out and covering everything.. i did go head an order seals and bearings, so they are here, 

ok, checked it out,, minor leak at bottom same as last time, gobs and gobs of breaks dust, i mean tons,  so I'm thinking shoes may have been tight,, however,, sometimes, i notice when at a light, car wants to roll some, sometimes it does not, i usually check that on flat surface, but just as more info.

well, i put car in neutral, loosened shoes a bit, put cover back on brake unit, i started to car to see how the brakes felt after loosening, seemed to be spinning, i knew i was in neutral,  tried to put in park,  got  a clicking sound,, but wouldnt fully engage into park,  so i am thinking, how could this prevent it from going into park??  well, i though maybe it was due to one wheel up, so i put the tire back on ,, tried to get in to park and it stops short of park, wont fully engage, but clicks, i can hear clicking,, i put it into drive enough to feel car engage, and stopped,, put into reverse to get back in its slot, engaged fine, no problem, but wont fully get into park,,,

SOOOOO,,, wtf,, have i potentially done here and is there a fix..



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May be the brake drum out of round.

how would i determine this,, take to a brake shop? or machine shop.. 

Call around to the local auto stores
If they don't do it they will tell you who does
You want --to have your drums cut - is the term used
You should always do both on an axel together


Real good thought


Ok.  Thanks.  Will search them out

I took drums to get turned, asked if thet could tell if warped or out of round.  Said they may b able to.  But noted the drums had weights on them,  Like tires.  I aked could they get out off balance and he said maybe,  because tgey hv weights, may hv been once before.  So i asked how would i ck that, he thought may coukd go to tire shop and maybe set up and turn like tire.  I then asked how woukd they weight as these things look welded on.  He wasnt sure exactly.

So, my question is coukd the drums be out of balance, especially if the are going to hv material removed.  Or woukd new drums b a better option,  not sure whuch way to go once new drums cut

The new drums when cut SB fine
They only remove a very small amount of metal to resurface them so drum balance Should not be an issue unless done to many times
Do use the older stock drums if at all possible --is your best bet


That should read - when your old drums are cut - they SB fine


well, i took my rear tires to get balanced as well, and they put different weights on from where the old ones were, dont know what that meant, but they did, the also said, one tire, not rim but tire is not in round, there is a bulge in the middle of the tire, not much, but visible when the tire is off,  i asked if it could cause some shake, and he said he thought it could cause vibration at higher speeds, all depends on how out of round and at what speed, anyway,   waiting on drums to hook back up and see what happens...

Removing the old weights and rebalancing the tire is the way to go at this time
The tires change from wear or can loose a weight
The tire out of round will improve your ride a lot and could be your possible fix for your higher speed vibration thing
Be glad you found the bad tire like you did -as in possible blow out
Do balance and check all your tires
Well balanced tires have much to do with a smooth riding and driving machine
Enjoying your determination to get the car reliable and road worthy


You should be purchasing a new tire due to the damaged one
Be sure the tire is the same height as the one on the same axel
I do see as much as a one inch difference in radial tire height even with the exact same tire size designation




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