Has anybody figured out how to get a glass rear windowfor a convertible top?

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Just tell them you want a glass window and pay extra.   
You can get professional quality tops from a site called topsonline.com, you can choose the glass option on their shopping cart.    I have bought from them multiple times and gotten fast shipping and the right product every time.  

The car was designed for a plastic window, I have never made the switch, but you may need to unzip the window every time you stack the top to have it go down properly (and maybe prevent glass breakage).  Someone else must have done the changeover, and guide you in that way.

Don't buy a top from Kanter, JC Whitney, or something like that, there's a big difference in fit and quality, and not so much in price.     The cheapest I use is EZ ON, but the premium ones are Electron and Robbins.   All three of these brands come pre marked for bolt holes in the tack strips, and are really simple to put on.  I have used EZ ON tops for years, and never had a problem.

Thanks, I understand the 63 was designed for a plastic window, but the plastic always seems to cloud up, get scratched or become hard to see through.  Without a passenger mirror and a cloudy rear window makes the car blind during lane changes.  I would like have a known solution that does not require a special step.  (like taking the window down, then dropping the top).  

For the same reasons you stated, I had a glass window put in with a new top about 30 years ago. It's well worth the extra $$ and the best part is I've had the top replaced twice since then and the glass window has survived so going forward, it actually gets cheaper to replace the top.

It is best to wipe down or brush any dust or debris off the top and plastic rear  window —Every time —you put the top down to prevent any scuffing of the plastic window 

I clean the top with soap water and a hand scrub brush and use paper towels to absorb the  dirty water due to the texture of the top 

Top gets very clean and white in my case and looks very fresh 

I use a top and plastic window  -shinny sealant after that to protect the surfaces 

Armoral works well 

The shine adds a very nice look to the top and helps prevent any damage from the sandpaper effect that dust and debris can cause 

I do not unzip the window as I have had issues with the zipper getting damaged causing a bigger problem with other cars I have owned 

I have always had a convertible car in my life most of it 

Best to use a — candle on the zipper to have it move more freely if your choice is to drop the window down 

If you can can not see out the window a passenger can be very helpful working as the side mirror that I do not have ( my wife ) 

Coating the rear window with a product made for that  and constant dust removal will greatly extend the  plastic windows life 

The glass window provides a different look and the rear plastics windows size when new and clean just adds so much to the look of the car In my own opinion 

A lot more light and visibility in the car with the plastic ( and it is the stock look ) 

I do have my rear window down as it needs replacement and the top is still good but I only use my car on super weather days with no rain in the forecast most often always with the top down 

That should help keep the top in better condition with some additional  maintenance 




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