Hello Co-Members,

I recently purchased a  low mileage1963 Sedan Deville Park Avenue.  It is extremely solid and runs well.  Neverthelss, it has minor problems that need to be addressed before I can consider it roadworthy.

Firstly, I need to replace or rebuild the power brake booster.  It appears that 1962 and 1963 models are unique in that the master cylinder has four rather than two bolts holding it onto the booster.  I like the master cylinder due to the fact that it has two screw on plugs rather than a cap and snap rod holding the cap onto the top.  I suspect that power brake boosters for 1964 and 1965 models will work if I change the master cylinder too.  Does anyone know that for sure?

Thank you. 

Stephen Pechenik

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Stephen, There were two boosters and master cylinders used in 1963 Bendix with the 4 bolts and Delco Morraine with 2 bolts. These look very different and need to mate the Delco Booster to Delco Master Cylinder and Bendix Booster to Bendix Master Cylinder. I have heard you can mate one brand up to the other with some mods but I am not familiar with and recommend keeping with the same brand. In 1964 the Bendix changed to a 2 bolt setup, but was still very different from the 1964 Delco. So between 1963 and 1964 you had basically 4 different setups. Yes, you can take a later setup (1965) or aftermarket but to save yourself some trouble you want to match the booster brand to master cylinder brand.

Just for reference, Here is a 1963 Bendix

Here is a 1963 Delco

Here is a 1964 Bendix:

Here is a 64 Delco:

One final note, I get asked how to tell the different. The easiest way is to look for the "Bendix Bumps" The raised round circular area where it mates up to the master cylinder. Below is a 64 Bendix on the left with an aftermarket/later year style master cylinder. Easy to see it is a Bendix from the "Bumps". On the right you see the Bendix matted to a 1964 style Bendix master cylinder. 

Dear Jason,

Thank you very much for the photos.  I have been a car collector for many years and appreciate the details that you furnished.  I have owned about 20 Cadillacs and have learned the hard way how valuable this sort of information is.  I just received the factory repair manual yesterday.  Sure enough, similar details were given.

I hope that you have the courage to inform me when I am overreaching.  You are certainly a worthy informational source and I look forward to meeting you at some meet in the future.

Very truly yours,

Stephen Pechenik

The Bendix parts are much harder to find today than  the Delco parts that are more readily available on the market last check 

So going with a Delco MC and Booster will get it done 

An option is to have yours rebuilt and the info is in the help section to get that done 

Stay Safe 

Dear Tony and Ginny,

Thank you for the insight and assistance. I will use your photos to determine which brand the car has. I have opted for rebuilding of the unit I have as the replacement units that I have found are very expensive. This car has 48,000 miles on its odometer. It has practically no rust. My only regret is that it lacs a/c. Nevertheless, I plan to drive it this summer and decide whether or not to repaint it this fall as it has a very bad paint job over the original paint presently.  But,  I digress...

Thanks again.

Very truly yours,

Stephen Pechenik

You are very welcome but have to give Jason our webmaster the credit for the photos and explanation above mine which he is so very good at doing 

Glad we could help 

Stay Safe 



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