HI all,, been away from the car a while,, back in early december, i put the car up for winter,, filled her up, put the storage fluid in, ran it for a bout 15 miles,,, covered it up, got back up here to montana, and it has been bitter cold for well over week,, some days never gets over 0.    i have been kicking around the idea of starting the car,, and doing some short driving on dry days.... we dont use salt up here so not worried about that , so 

anything i should caution against...... hoping battery will start,, but i have a booster box to hook up if not.. 

should i let it turn a few times before it fires to get oil flowing,,,?  anything,, just dont want it to lock up for something stupid...

hope you have been warmer where yall are..

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1. Check lubricant and fluids before starting 

2.  Cranking motor spins oil pump  if fuel system lines are good should pull gas from tank after second try 

3.  Make Sure choke is set for cold start

4. Let car warm up before driving 

5. Low tranny fluid could cause slipping out of gear when stopping. Suggest warming up and test stopping and starting a few times before venturing out on the road 

6. Bring tools fluids and supplies emergency flashlight etc  with you 

7. Check air in tires and spare 

8. Travel in fair weather daylight conditions and go early in the day  

9. Good to keep using the car even in the off season. 

And a good credit card too.

A good point. 

Emergency towing service is another very important safety consideration when driving an old car. Most car insurance companies offer this for a modest cost.

Having been stuck several times after an engine rebuild and other poor mechanical work, the towing insurance paid for itself the first minute I used it. 

And if your tires and spare are more than 5 years old, inspect side walls and between tread ribs carefully for signs of dry rot and cracking. Replace as required. One mishap caused by tire failure will set you back more than a set of new rubber. 

Using dry gas in the fuel when storing the car would help remove water from the system
When that cold any moisture in the gas lines ( condensation ) will freeze preventing gas flow in the fuel lines
Required in cold northern states with ethanol in gas

Charge the battery and never let it go below 12 volts during storage as that damages the battery and shortens its life
Can use a smart charger when stored
Pull off the negative terminal of the battery if --your clock is still working to prevent it from draining the battery down constantly

Prime the carb for a fast start up that saves the battery and starter
If the engine runs out of gas your fuel lines are frozen
Do that until engine warms

Use a space heater to warm the garage if posible at the warmest time of day
Do not beat the starter to death and let it cool off in between

I have in the past run the engine on a prime until it starts to warm the engine bay as much as possible
Sometimes -that will get the engine to run depending where the blockage in the gas line is located

I had a --- heating rod --that goes down the dip stick tube into the oil to heat it and get the oil flowing and warm the block up

Do pull the coil wire and crank the engine to get the oil moving through the engine before start up ( cannot hurt )

Always a good idea to run the drivetrain every month or two to keep it lubricated for at leat a half hour to get the water out of the exhaust so the pipes do not rust from the inside out ( not from the outside in )
My exhaust pipes have been good for over 35 years doing that and did not require replacing
If you start the car Always run it for a 1/2 hour
Driving the car for a half hour is best if you can do that

Sometimes- the car will have to be moved into a heated garage to thaw out in those conditions
Tow truck- to local heated gas station

I think i would get the engine to run if that is your desire and not drive the car until you have the time to do the other things that are necessary to go for a drive ( air in tires -etc )
Very difficult --to be working in that kind of cold ( hands do not work well ) but i have done that in the past living in the coldest days of the New York winters when necessary

In Central Florida we have just had two sunny days in the 80's and had my convertible out and about for a FUN time

You could always move --and that would solve your cold day start up issues forever ---LOL !

A few things that come to mind ( been there done that !)
Hope that may help some




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