Well,  after the tire change, car running good......... then on a pleasure cruise for abour 35 miles to my destination.   25 miles in, back end vibration came back home to roost.  I was goung 55 to 65 on the trip.  Had to pyll over.  Now, im not the type to lose my temper, throw tools, or hv tantrums, but im gettin to my wits end on this.   After i pulked over, i felt the hubcake,  not overly hot.  So i decided to drive on at about 40,  as i got miving i pushed on up to 55, not one vibration.   So,  wtf coukd it possibly be from here.

I have had.....

Shoes changed

Changed cylinder.... twice! First new one was stuck!

Axle gasket replaced

Tires replaced

Had drums re cut,

Whats left?

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i will look into it, i remember seeing one of the strings on the site about this,,

Following up to day, i took the car for the same trip i took yesterday appx 35 miles each way,, speed primarily between55 and 60,, not one shimmy or shake,,car rides like its on a rail..

that is what is confusing to me,, if its a loose drive shaft or damaged one, or the control arms, wouldnt i be able to reproduce the condition every time i went out and got to certain speeds...if it was a loose or damaged part, just doest seem possible a part under a stress like that wouldnt do the same thing, over and over...

secondly, can i check the looseness or tension on the rear cv joints by only removing it from the attaching points or does the entire shaft have to come off to do all the turning and twisting i watched on the video?

It could be something as simple as Satanic Interference too if the car was ever owned by someone may have been "possessed"

If you remember the movie The Exorcist back in the 70's, the bed would shake like shit, then go calm again, then shake like shit and so on. 

Whip it over to the Church of the Holy Starter Motor and have them perform an exorcism on the car and I reckon you'll have it sorted.

No need to thank me, just knowing I've helped, is thanks enough. :-)

Kim, if you do perform an "exorcism" on the car, it will bugger up the car's energy grid on a fairly large scale, but don't panic.

Just go up to Rock Auto and buy an Astral Grid Energy Charger and hook that up. Its a very similar unit, to what George Jetson used to charge his space craft, only more refined these days and much faster.

You connect the Astral Grid Energy Charger to the grease nipples on the lower ball joints. You need the charge to pass upwards from a low point on the car. Set it for medium and the grid charge will pass up through the car to the hood, before surging forward to the grill and bumper bar.

The charge will now hit the limit of the car and surge back through every molecule of the car, surging up the A pillar, through the roof, doors, chassis frame... the works... until it consumes the entire car before stopping at the rear bumper bar.

If you set the unit on high, you'll blow the rear number plate right off the car, so stick to medium.

For God's sake, don't touch the car during the process, or the surge will run right up your own astral plain and cause ya ears to catch fire.

Over a time period of no more than 10minutes, the molecular energy structure of the car will be re-aligned and charged.

This will eliminate all the woes you've been having, the car will run smoother, start better and get 28 miles to the gallon. (Some cars may vary)

If Rock Auto can't set you up with the charger, I have a good second hand one here with brand new crystals fitted and a variable controller for only $699.00 plus postage.

Let me know if you need it sent, as I've sold some air guitars on E-bay last night and need to go to the post office to send them. (Cheap to post, but a bastard to wrap)  

Gotta go now, the nurse has just arrived with my medications.

Kevin Kevin Kevin !
Now that's one hell o a car repair story --Mate
Poor Kim has no idea what the hell is going on ---now !

Glad the ugly demonic vibration has not returned


If you don't pay your exorcist you can get your car repossessed. :-)

Hey Kim, if you haven't performed your exorcism yet, I've got some info for ya.

I reckon we're onto something here. Go over the following details and see what ya think..

Spiritual presence is very possible in a Classic Cadillac, if it occurs, is a rare occurrence that is usually calmer than Hollywood leads you to think. Some people believe that spirits and demons cause disturbances and fear in your car, though they also acknowledge that alleged spirits are generally harmless and easily removed. If, after careful inspection, you're still convinced that i'm right and it is satanic interference in your Cadillac and it has some unwanted psychic or spiritual baggage, know that you have options.

Keep an eye out for typically paranormal behavior in your Cadillac. There are a lot of different signs and ideas behind spirits, and determining if your Cadillac possesses one is often the hardest thing to do, as the signs can be confusing and conflicting. What is important to remember is that very, very few Cadillac's are ever possessed, and even fewer are visited by "evil" spirits, contrary to what Hollywood seems to think. Look out for:

  • Moving or reappearing vibrations would suggest possessions, especially vibrations or mechanical issues that seem to reappear and then disappear within the same object or part. (your brake cylinder and vibration comes to mind)
  • Electronics turning on and off on their own.
  • Unknown explanations , doors/windows opening and closing, strange noises or vibrations or in extreme cases, fuel leaks.
  • A feeling like you are not alone ever when you are driving your Cadillac, often combined with chills and sudden fear or panic. (don't confuse this with your mother-in-law if she is in the car)
  • Specific or recurring nightmares, especially those that seem to direct you to do something on the Cadillac that doesn't really need repairing.
  • Extremely hot or cold spaces in the Cadillac, often confined to small areas.

Rule out the obvious causes of "other-worldly" noises and issues first. This is the only way to keep your peace of mind if things get a little strange. Be scientific here, systematically examining or exploring where unknown noises or lights show up. No matter what you believe, a large dose of skepticism is healthy here. The need for exorcisms is rare -- and there are almost always common explanations for most "unexplainable" phenomenon.

  • Cadillac's, no matter how old, all "settle" over time. They have parts that shift and groan, things move, and exhaust pipes whistle and bang. Older Cadillac's do this constantly, and this is the source of most noises.
  • Strange odors and smells commonly come from leaks or trapped moisture somewhere, especially after rains or washing the car.

Take an honest appraisal of your own health and stress levels. No one wants to be told "it is all in their head," but that's why you simply must be honest with yourself when determining if it is a spirit or not. If you're already stressed out, not sleeping well, having trouble eating, or feeling generally under the weather, you are more likely to see and feel things out of the ordinary. Don't let the worry of a spirit ruin your mental and physical health -- keep taking care of yourself and spend some time relaxing. If the spirits fade away, they were likely the result of an overworked, overtired brain and body and not your Cadillac.

Protect yourself by wearing religious or spiritual talismans close to you.

Did you spot the overlap.... Cadillac built a Talisman... coincidence... I think not.

From the Star of David to the West African gris-gris, almost all cultures have items and clothing used to protect the wearer from spiritual attacks. Make sure you choose something you actually have faith in. There is not much use wearing something if you don't believe in it at all, as it is stripped of any use or power. No, a flannelette shirt and bib and brace overalls won't cut it.

  • Keeping several of these items in the car can also help ward off spirits, such as crosses above the door or shrines to benevolent gods and spirits on the back seat.

Firmly ask the spirit to leave, avoiding anger or fear. This is the most common practice, and should be repeated frequently, especially during a cleansing or exorcism. The reason to avoid fear or anger is two-fold: it both keeps your calm (and thus effective) and prevents the spirit, if it is there, from deciding you're a threat to its safety.

  • Try out the Latin rites, as well: "Ecce crucis signum, fugiant phantasmata cuncta."(translates as: “behold the emblem of the Cross; let all specters flee”).
  • Let the spirit know that you mean it no harm, but, that looking at the world through a Cadillac windscreen, "is not their place anymore." Assure them that the spirit world awaits them and they will be safer there. Having an old Ford Pinto parked nearby will help, as evil spirits love them..
  • Remember, spiritual possession is not necessarily "evil." Most spirits are simply lost, confused, or still clinging to life, and will leave when asked.
  • Don't tell it to F*** Off, as they don't like that.

Spread a little holy water around the Cadillac. You can get holy water at most Catholic churches or Walmart, though it helps if you are a practicing member of the faith. Sprinkle it in the corners of the car, at door and window frames, and any areas where you experience the most physical paranormal activity.

  • You can still get holy water at many churches. Call ahead to make sure they bless water there.
  • If you get it from Walmart, only Checkout 5 has the Blessing service for Holy water.

Leave out Kosher salt or raw rice, two substances thought to drive away spirits and malicious energies. If you do, you need to leave a window or door open, as the spirit needs a way to flee the Cadillac. If performing prayers or continuing to ask the spirit to leave, repeat these rituals as you spread the salt or rice.

  • Remember that your conviction when doing this is important -- if you are fearful or half-hearted, you will not see any results.

Kim, good luck..... :-)

Spirtual an electrical, i can understand being intermittant, mechanical to the point of shaking were i felt need to pull over,,,  nah!  And then be compleyely shake free?   For nxt hundred miles.    Hardly spirtual, dnt remeber seeing pretty wiring down there, so guessing thats out too,  will just put grease on it as someone suggested, ck the arms and shaft.  And drive till shakes again.  Go from there.  

Do a good  driveshaft inspection and grease the  U joints —-if possible 

Grease should tighten up the U joint if they takes grease 

Complete  Kavins  exorcisum directions and wait for it to happen again —when and if it does 

Most Times it will return —as a rule the car seldom fixes itself 


-"Most Times it will return —as a rule the car seldom fixes itself"

That was my point,  howwver, i just cant figure how a part or combo of parts can go from rattling your teeth out to no thing at all,  given these are metal and steel parts, and on each shake or vibration, theoretically the condition worsens,  how it cant be duplicated each time you cross that speed threshold and problem diagnosed.  

Just go with the parts that you should check and change anyways. Check the drive shaft and if you do not know how old the U joints are, have them changed. The rear lower control arm bushings DO need to be changed, unless you changed them a few years ago. The design of the spring weight onto the control arm constantly puts pressure on the bushing. It has worn out to where the angle of the pinion gear has changed. That will cause a vibration.

Since the bushing is loose, the angle of the pinion constantly changes on acceleration and deceleration, bumps and general cruising.  The bushings need to be changed out anyways.  With the drive shaft out, check on the condition of the carrier bearing support. No play allowed.

Ok.  Sounds like plan

got grease in the rear u joint,, took about 5 squeezes of the grip and it oozed out  

also, got on list to get the rear replacement arms from the fellow in calgrary,, hopefullly in a couple weeks,, taking car out for extended run tomorrow, for about 60 miles, hoping no rattling,,,



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