Hey guys,

       Has there been any recent movement or progress regarding an authenticity manual for our 63-64 cars?

Thanks and happy motoring!

Ken Karrer

CenTex CLC Reg. Dir.

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Director of Technical Services (and Chief Judge) Bill Anderson stated he had a new person to head the 63/64 Cadillac Authenticity Manual at the 2019 (Feb) Winter Board meeting. I have not heard any new updates, including out our online Board Meeting on June 13. 

Thanks Jason.  I sure like that Beldon Blue 63 CDV on Hemmings.  I've been watching it for some time now.  My convertible is so original and with so few miles that I'm thinking I might want to sell it and get the CDV with AC.  It's a fresh resto and if he's negotiable on price... Have you seen that car?

Take care and Happy July 4th!


I may have seen it if it has been posted for a while but don't recall it right now. Can you post a link?

Sure.  Here it is. I'd be interested in your opinion.  Many of the details that some restorers don't attend to have been addressed


Very nice, and nicely detailed. Anyone would be proud to own this car. It will be interesting to see what bidding goes up to?

I see the car is up th 38.5K wiith 2+ days left.

This car has the credential that should make it some kind of bench mark for the high side of the valve of an extremely well restored Cadillac with very much extreme detail when bringing it back to the best possible stock condition starting out with an extremely great donor to begin with 

The car will be worth what it sells for and the  very proud owner will know he has one of the best  available  Antique Cadillacs  in his driveway and at the shows he will be attending

Paying top dollar for a car of this caliber does make good sense to me if theses cars are your thing — and you can afford it 

Let us see how high this price goes to the happy owner 


Wow! It sold for $53,550! 

I saw it up to 40 something the last time I checked! That's impressive.

This 1963 CDV is about as good as it gets regarding its restorations  attention to all details and the many  option available in it 

One of the best cleanest  CDV’s I have seen and I am a big fan of the Blue color  myself especially both in and out which is my favorite color combination in our year cars 

Should go for top dollar for what went into this restoration and the next owner will be one very proud 63 CDV owner — for sure !

Very curious what this fine example will sell for as the price SB a bench mark for  a 63 CDV Cadillac with what went into this one 


I've checked a number of value guides, but #1 1963 DeVilles top out at less than 35k.  Bucket seats would help, but not much.  No doubt there's much more money in it than that.  The chrome bill alone on my last several restorations has exceeded 20k. Quality of the restoration and color will help.  On my last trip to Kissimmee this January, the very well done resto mod early and mid 60's Cadillacs were selling for an astounding amount, but it appears that the original cars are just holding value.

Happy 4th,



Looks like it’s time to update the value guides from  $ 35,000 —-to  $ 53,550 for a number 1 CDV 

This was an exceptional car in exceptional condition and the selling price reflected  that 

Good to know these sale prices are attainable for an extremely high quality restoration  

This kind of a restoration is above the norm and the shop that did this outstanding job should be made note of for those who desire and can afford to go this high end restoration route 

If I ever win some serious money this would the the route I would be taking my 64 convertible to bring it back to as new showroom condition as is possible and my car is in real good  condition as it is now — Amen
Doing that  has always  been on my dream—- Bucket List 




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