I was at the auto parts store last night replacing my alternator and forgot to disconnect my battery. Massive face palm. Before I installed the new alternator, the wire from the alternator to the battery touched something metal and is now toast. Installed the new alternator, and tried to patch the burnt part of the fusible link just so I could get it home, but had no luck. Any advice on a quick fix to get the car home?

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Ran a 10 gauge wire and wrapped one end on the positive terminal and spliced the other side to a good part of the wire and was able to get it back on the road. Guy at the shop swore that the wire wasn't the problem even after I told him it was on fire the night before. Har har har. Anyways, don't forget to disconnect that battery like I did! 

I have an extra fusable link fitted just near the battery itself for just such an occasion.

I also carry spare fusible link in the trunk, also for just such an occasion. I bet you wish you did too.

It is so easy to forget to drop the lead off the battery, especially if you're in a rush. 

I currently have our own battery disconnected while the clock is out of the dash.

I saw your discussion about the fusible link that you added and I'm gonna have to wire up something similar. My car has a bunch of sketchy wiring and it makes me nervous. 

Glad you remembered to disconnect your battery while taking out the clock. I remember the first time I pulled the clock out of the housing and got a nice scare not realizing the housing was what was grounding it. 

Our car, had suffered a short in the A/C at some point and the fuse box was a bit "how's ya father" from that point on, (before our ownership) so a couple of years ago, I had a brand new fuse box grafted in and it uses the later style plug and play fuse. 

Like yourself Chris, I also get nervous around cars having a short and burning to the ground. I'd be friggin mortified if happened.

It is pretty funny when bump something and it arcs.... Everybody shits themselves and then usually manage to arc a second time on something else.

You're one of the first people I've seen actually swap in a new fuse box. Eventually they all need an overhaul, or a replacement. Glad your swap went without a hitch. 

Wish I had been filming last night. It was quite the fireworks show. Would have made some good YouTube footage. 

The poor bugger that did it for was semi retired, but after laying upside down over the scuff plate for hours on end, his back was shot to hell.

From that day on, he only ever did stuff that was real easy... LOL :-)

Phil was good too, really methodical, fairly slow going, but at only $25.00 an hour, it was a good thing done at a bugger all price. From memory, the new fuse box cost bugger all too, as it came from a good mate who manages an auto electrical outlet.

Ripper for piece of mind. Not factory, but who gives a rats arse. LOL

What size of fuse you are using?

I think I will copy your setup, but might use an autofuse. 

I have new clips that you put in the fuse block. email me or check out my web site in the new parts tab.



I'll grab a couple of pics for to show the location we used.

From memory, it was an 80 amp unit. 

I put in a new fuse style box in my 63 M-M hearse, and rebuilt the fuse box in my 63 Superior hearse.

I removed the fusible link when I installed the 150 amp alternator. I no longer have the voltage regulator so there really isnt anything to protect with that link. It was just something else that could go wrong so it's gone just like the points.



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