while out for a cruise and to a car show, i was heading home, car started sputtering,, would go, then no feel ing of gas, would go a while, then sputter .  i started thinking of quickest way home with out to many stops,  got about 6 blocks and it died.   

it sounded or felt like a car does when you run out of gas, but, that is not possible as I just put gas in it about 2 hours earlier, so i have half a tank, but that is the feeling,,   sputtering, then go, then sputter some more, then go,, then died,

walked home, going back in the truck see if i can get it started with some fuel in carb and sputter it home,

it is not running hot, no other particular symptom.  

would his be most likely fuel pump or blocked fuel filter,, ??

anyway, thought on the above while i go and try to get er home.. I'm just glad i did nt suffer embarrassment of it croaking at the car show as i drove through, but then again,, some one there may have known what it was,, oh well,, 

old cars i guess

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Back to this problem

over last few days, i have been driving the car pretty regularly, no problems with this sputter and spitting, i got hood insulation in.  

last night, on a some what extended run of about 30 minutes , it started again to sputter,  was going about 55 or so, then just cut out, for about 3 seconds,  i stepped on it and it picked back up and i could feel a very light missing action,, just didnt seems to be running right, and then, it would do an extended sputter,  

so today,  i checked the video again to make sure i was looking at it right, i put a stick on the weight post of the heat riser, and it was operating what seemed like freely.   got the car going took for about 10 minute ride downtown, engine temp got to 1/4  where it usually runs. and then went home to check,, the weight post was down near the bottom position where it should be, according to the video..  I did not notice any of the light sort of putter that occurred last night, its kind of hard to describe.  its like its just not hitting on all 8,, but very subtle,,but when i get that sort of feeling in the car, the big sputter is usually not to far off..but it doesnt do it all the time.    I makes me not confident i can take an extended drive,, 

I put in the clear fuel filter and it is full while the car is running.   Soooooo,,

any other ideas on what may be causing this sputter,, ??

Kim, I'm with Tony on this; I think your problem is fuel delivery issue, esp since  you say it feels like running out of gas and a restriction would tend to show up while driving esp the faster you go. Have you checked for debris or clog going into fuel pump? How old is the pump? When you get low on gas , drain the tank . I'd rap on the bottom of the tank while it's draining. See what you get. Easier than removing if it looks OK. Just my thoughts on this.


well, the fuel filter is clear,  dont know about fuel pump age,, i guess will get the hoses and consider replacing them.

Is there a drain for the fuel tank, ?  i dont remember seeing one when i was under there,,,

i took it out today for a high speed ride  55 -to 70 mph for 10 to 15 miles, didnt have problem, but did encounter other headaches that i posted over on my brake problem topic from while ago.

When was your last complete tune up -including new ignition wires done ?
Are the plugs new ?

Could you be explaining a sputter for a misfire in one or more cylindes ?


I put petronix in back in nov.

Plugs replaced after gas in engine problem bk in sept.

Sputter feels like running out of gas.  About 2 second delay in power.  I hit gas , it pulls out if it. Other times, its just like the word sputter sounds, just a quick sort of a series losses of power that either correct or lead into a longerdelay.  Odd thing is, its not every time i go out, and i cnt isolate the or duolicate the condition. 

You have a plug at the bottom of the gas tank


Do you know the condition of your needles and seat valve in the carb float bowls ?
How old is the carb -if you know ?

Are your ignition wires new ?

Starting to think your carb needs to be rebuilt or replaced --or do you know if and when that was done in the past ?


You mean the wires to spark pug wires?  No. Not new

No idea on the carb


Pls install new ignition wires --ASAP
That will improve performance if overlooked - and they are very often Overlooked
Replace one at a time --matching the old one --to the new one for the correct lengths
Do what you can to keep the wires off metal surfaces where possible
Wire looms can be purchsed and help space the wires

Hot antifreeze on ignition wires damages the wire coating ( or just heat and time ) and the wires spark then --ARCHS --to metal causing spark timing firing issues ( all bad )
I think the wiring might develope some resistance over time

My car came back to life the last time i changed out my wires for a very pleasent surprise
Do give it a try if you do not know the history of your ignition wires


ok,  will replace,  


We are talking about the spark plug wires




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