For those that made it to the last page of our last news letter OR for those Chapter member that hung around to the end of our last Virtual Zoom Meet-UP have seen this pretty cool picture and thought I would use it as a 3 leveled Trivia Question:

- First:        Find the Cadillac. My eyes see 6 Cadillacs ... where are they?
- Second: What year Cadillac are they?
- Third:    here was this picture taken?
- Finally:     for kicks & grins what are some of the other cars?

Here is the picture (Click to Enlarge):

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No takers. Here's a give away... you can find the other 2. When I first saw this picture posted on Facebook several months ago I was immediately drawn to the four 1963 Cadillacs.  I thought, wow.. this is a great picture and I am always looking for a "vertical" picture to end our newsletters and this fit the bill perfectly! I will let you guys and gals find the other 2 Cadillacs I see.. maybe there are more?

Here is my guess: I believe this is the Marina City parking garage in Chicago IL. My guess on the cars is marked below.

Kurt just knocked it out of the Universe. All Cadillacs found and more!!

OK. Just got back to my desk and found my cigars....

     Hey, Kurt!... HAVE A CIGAR! ... in fact have several!! 

Knowing the year and make of all the cars besides the Cadillacs is just amazing to me 

One Hell of a  good job labeling —ALL of those cars ——my friend !

I am old enough to identify the make but no chance with the exact year ———Except the Cadillacs   and a few others 

 You knowing that parking garage ( that is very unique one ) is interesting as well

Enjoy your cigar and freaking out the  entire website !


Interesting the high number of 60’s Cadillacs in that garage  1962- 64  at the very same time 

Opps - I see the 59 !

There are no 1964 Cadillacs in the parking garage. There is one 1959, one 1962, and four 1963's. Still a great representation for our year Cadillac!

What ! 
Now I am putting on my  eye glasses to  recheck—-LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks. Let's just say between my personal car knowledge, a lot of time on my hands, and the internet, I figured it out for the most part. A couple of cars I can't tell the exact year hence the "?" for the last digit for the year. This photo was probably taken when the garage opened in 1963. That's my guess why the newest cars are 1963s.

I do good to ID the Cadillacs! LOL



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