- What is an Idle Spoil Port and what is it's purpose?
- What is it used in conjunction with?
- For EXTRA CREDIT (and more cigars) provide details of when, where, why, etc.?

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5 hrs later and no guesses, no speculations, no conjectures, no lies, no deceits ...nothing, nada, zilch, nada, nothing! You guys must have celebrated too hard last night! Yee Ha! I'll start giving hints tomorrow if the hangover persists!

My guess is on the carburetor. But got no clue where it is on it or how it would work. Also guessing it could be in the exhaust system.

Most likely however its a computer thing. Where an idle port is being spoiled...

What I do know is that I ain't gonna win a cigar.

Anders is warm. 2 hints - it is carb related and it is in your Cadillac literature.

It's mounted to the throttle linkage near the Carb and will only activate, if you really nail the throttle.

Because, every good wife, will be sipping "port" while hubby chauffeurs her around in a 63/64 Cadillac, these cars have a very, and I mean, very rare fitting attached to prevent the initial surge of power, to cause the wife to spill her port, thus "spoiling" her dress, or even worse, the upholstery.

It will activate and return the car to "idle" immediately.

Thus, they are called, the IDLE SPOIL PORT.

A very rare option on all of the peasant models, but standard equipment on the Fleetwood Sixty Special.

Some small portions of the above post, may contain large portions of bullshit too.

Ahhhhhh .......No!!!

I'm guessing it's on the carb & has something to do with the A/C ; cause the idle speeds up when A/C is turned on.(?) I don't remember reading about this, is this a '64 only trick question?

Robert, carb related but not AC or idle speed-up.  Applies to both 63 & 64.

That's a toughie. don't know why you'd want to spoil your idle hmm

You could be on to something there.

I seem to remember seeing something about this years ago before swapping my carb for a Edelbrock.Something about two ports in the bottom of the carb that will not let the car idle correctly if the metal shim is not installed correctly ?!?!

BINGO! Colin gets the Cigar! As noted in the October 1962 Serviceman Bulletin page 50, 2 idle spoil ports were drilled into the carb on late 1962 cars and all 1963 cars, to prevent the engine from idling if the stainless steel shim on the Carter carb is omitted. It goes on to note the shim is needed with the Carter Carb to prevent corrosion from exhaust gases. Here is a scan of the Serviceman entry:

Interesting. Wonder how/why Cadillac came up with this solution? If the shim was fitted these holes would not be needed and the car came equipped from the factory with the shim. So how many cars had the shim removed to force Cadillac to do this modification? If this problem would have been on one car Cadillac would have done nothing. Same with ten or maybe even hundred. So that gets me thinking that a lot of owners and/or shops removed the shim. Why would they have done that?



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