Today I went on a 40 mile cruise to a car show. After I got off the highway on my way there the car died & would not start. I popped the hood to look for anything obviously wrong but didn't see anything. At that point even though the car was well warmed up at that point I set the manual choke & cranked again. I was able to get the car started again & got to the show. On the way home I noticed a loud whistling sound that changed with throttle. I popped the hood again and the sound is coming from the carburetor. It seems to have a weird vacuum leak. I've never heard a carb whistle like this.Here is a short video carbwhistle.wmv

I've rebuilt this Carter AFB several times in the 36 years I've owned the car & I think it is toast & not rebuildable again. I see Autozone sells rebuilt Carter AFBs. I know some have installed Edelbrock 1406 & 1411 ( I read details in the Help section). Autozone also has Edelbrock 1906 with this description:

The 1906 AVS2 carburetor is an upgraded version of the 1406 (SKU 38901) with a new calibration for improved performance and drivability. When replacing a Quadrajet or Thermoquad Carburetor, with an aftermarket Holley, or Edelbrock. Adapter part number 5765 (SKU 228351) may be needed, to properly seal the carburetor to the stock factory intake manifold. AVS2 Series(TM). 650 cfm; Square Flange; Non-EGR; Electric choke; Satin. Universal throttle linkage type; satin finish; Non-EGR compatible. Calibrated for fuel economy. For use on pre-pollution controlled vehicles (PPCV). Not calibrated or compatible with alcohol/race or E-85 pump fuel. New fuel filter between fuel pump and carb is required. Adapter PN2696 or kit PN2697 is required. Proper installation is the responsibility of installer; May void warranty. Adapter PN2732 must be used when installing on certain intakes. Recommended CI displacement for big block dual quad apps is 396-502+ cid

Has anyone tried the 1906? It seems like it should work since it is "upgraded version of the 1406". I'm just researching which direction to go. For simplicity sake, I might just get a rebuilt Carter AFB but for a little more money might upgrade to a more modern carb.

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Going with the stock  rebuilt Carter is the easiest  most labor easy way  to go 

The 1406 Edelbrock which I have on my 429 will require you remove the intake to block the old heated choke tube passages as you now have an electric choke 

You will need to rejet the carb  for today’s ethanol fuel 

Try to establish where your vacuum leak is by spraying the carb with water with the engine running 

You will hear a change in sound when you find it 

That might be an easy fix 

I could not pull up the video of the vac leak to hear it 


No knowledge of the 1906 myself 


Check the throttle shafts for wear. Look at the metering rods where it hooks up to the power piston.  

Also check the phenolic spacer below the carb. It does crack.

A hose splitting or hose clamp that needs tightening 

All hoses going to the carb  and spacer ( except the vacuum advance and idle up vacuum )  should have hose clamps at all the hose connections as they are vacuum hoses 

No air leaks desired 

I second the phenolic spacer leaking as Russ said 

OH I forgot !


Kurt, If you go with the 1906 give us some feedback once installed. It would be good info for others that might want another alternative to the 1406 and 1411.


With the replacement Edelbrock carb you will not be able to use the stock air cleaner unless you use an adapter

I do have an after market air cleaner called Spectra which is like the K& B in design but less dollars 

Russ sells an adapter for the stock air cleaner 

So still easier to go with a stock Carter rebuild to keep things stock if that is your desire 

The electric choke works better than the stock choke set up but far from perfect in my opinion 

I assume the 1906 is an improvement over the prior carbs that Edelbrock makes that fit our engines or why would they have made a newer design at all ?




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