Hi there,

maybe someone can help me with this issue.

I own my 63 CdV for over 13 years now and sometimes - mostly in summer - 
when driving I hear a whining noise. 

Changed transmission fluid several times, rear bearings, front bearings, even changed the 
complete front brake system. No change. 

The sound is not depending on rpm of the motor, it's a mystery. 
And it doesn't appear every day, some months I hear nothing.

Did anyone had this problem before? 
I add an MP3 I recorded of this.

Thanks and stay healthy,
Sammy from Germany

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I had the same thing two years ago and it drove me crazy trying to figure it out.  Thought it was something big but it turned out to be something simple:  A leak in the intake manifold gasket.  At times, the leak would make a high pitched whistling sound, very sporadic.  New gaskets took care of it no problem.  Good luck!

Lee, Same here. I could have sworn it was coming from the carburetor so I rebuilt the carburetor. It would still happen after that. It was very random. I was then convinced that my carb was worn out and was ready the replace it with an Edlebrock. Before I did that, the noise started happening more often. This allowed me to properly track it down to a leaky intake gasket. I had had the intake off before years ago to replace the valley pan gasket. The replacement intake manifold gaskets I used at that time were very thin metal gaskets. This time I located thicker gaskets with the help of Jason (”Best RS663G for 429, RS663G1 for 390; use a Best 14046 or 14046E for intake gasket. Intake gasket is thick, not metal”) Problem solved!

Sammy, I don't know if this is same problem you are having, here is a short video of the noise my car made. It seemed to be related to engine temperature. I assume the gap would open up when the engine was hotter. While I would investigate, it would cool off then stop whistling. Very tricky to troubleshoot.



Where did you buy the parts? 
Is it easy to disassemble the intake manifold?

Very easy to take off the intake manifold. If you find out the problem is leaking gaskets, here is where I got mine:


Thank you. 
And these are more reliable than the standard metal type?


You can spray the  intake gasket -carb area etc with water when you hear the sound and the water will fill the leaking gasket for a moment and change the sound if you have that leak —car running 

Tighten all clamps on the vacuum lines going to the carb front and back if a 64

All those lines need clamps 

This could be a  good possible solution suggested by Lee 

I will tell you my Dads solution who was a very super super car guy 

Turn up the radio — until it gets worse or breaks and then you will know what the problem is instead of throwing money at the problem 

This kind of thing keeps me up at night —-so I do feel your pain !

In general a wining sound is often a worn bearing going bad 

The fact it happens in the summer it appears that heat and metal expansion taking place may be some of the issue again making the intake gasket a good possibility 

Difficult to know what part of the engine we are hearing the sound from with no video 

If coming from the top of the engine the intake gasket could be a good place to spray the water to locate vacuum leaks 

Let us know how you do with this 


You guys are on to something regarding the  Vacuum  air leak sound you both have experienced 

The sound is horrible !! ! 
Glad a solution is in the  very near future 

The water spray will find you the leaks  location 


Thanks for all your replies. 

I don't think it's the intake or carb, because it only appears when the car is moving. 
Like I wrote it's not rpm dependent, so I think it has to be something with the drivetrain or transmission. 

Spray the top of the motor with a spray bottle with water and you will know if you have a vacuum leak there 

Clamp all vacuum hoses going to the carb to seal them and move on 

That will tell you if you have a vacuum issue in that area so you can eliminate that possibility and move on to the next possible cause of the sound 

The drive shaft bearings as Russ suggests should be looked at but that would be coming from the center of the car just behind the drivers seat more than the engine bay and may cause a vibration there as well sometimes 

We can only give advice based on  extensive experience and passion  of living and breathing these two year  cars -But you need to do the work involved in the suggestions offered 

You  may need to wait —-until the sound gets worse to be able to locate the issue more easily

Most time when you have an intermittent whining that comes and goes the issue is a bearing going bad and it will get worse in time if it is that 

Having done the trans work that you indicated in your first  post I would think the driveshaft bearing may have been examined at that point in time or should have 

All due respect these king of noise issues are the most difficult to identify and repair with just a sound track to go by 

Nobody knows these two year cars better than the men who live here —and give advice on this site about these  two year Cadillacs 


Sounds and leaks are the most difficult problems on cars, I know. 
Didn't want to bother or upset you by asking my questions, but it seems like I did.
Sorry for that. 

I don't have the possibility to lift the car and do it by myself, everything underneath 
my CdV has to be done at a local garage.
I got some skills, so work without lifting is mostly done by me.
The mechanics at the garage are not very familiar with american cars, especially not Cadillac, so every work is explained by me and they do it. 

That makes it more difficult and of course expensive just trying something

I tested the carb and manifold today for leaks with a special carb spray - no leaks. 
So I'm pretty sure it's not the carb. 

Next would be the carrier of the drivetrain, hope thy guys at my shop can do this.

What about the last bearing / seal where the propeller shaft goes into the transmission? 
In the shop manual I read something about the governor that can cause a whining sound.


Pls do ask or post anything you need regarding our great Cadillacs 

The  only thing that  could upsets me on this site —-is not being helpful 

Hope the sound gets resolved in the very near future 

I myself in this case would simply wait until there is no question what the issue is as it will get worse with time and then can be clearly identified and repaired

Turn the radio up a bit in the meantime 


Mine was the same way, had a metallic screeching sound like a bad bearing or transmission issue.  Came and went, not RPM dependent.  Never when motor was cold and rarely when idling - would start softly after about 1 mile of driving and gradually get louder and louder.  When I would pull over to inspect, it would mysteriously stop.  So I was convinced it was transmission.  So relieved when it was just the intake gasket.



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