In the Kingdom of Rattle Can Painters... there are Many Legends....

... but only one King!

And while he may have been off making those silly 60's Pooch de Ville Movies the last few weeks, he has returned to form today in his own 2018 Comeback Special!
(Tony, and a few others my get my wacked references here.. maybe not!)
Anywho... I bead blasted, primed, and painted a valve cover set, front and rear THM trans inspection pan and this balancer going to Australia as soon as the paint cures.
My Acetone dip... 20-20-20-20 methods still works like charm. Weather reached 70 and had perfect skies and the pollen and bugs have not taken over so it was near perfect outside painting weather. Here's a couple of pieces From Da King:


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As with many things you do --you have perfected the art of spray painting
I know how hard that is to do without paint runs
Those parts look as new


My paint came out good too, but my color was off lol. what color did you use?

I had to use Ford Dark Blue last year, as it was the closest I could get. (The Joys of living on the other side of the planet and in another hemisphere.)

By the time it was all buttoned up and fitted, it looked pretty good.

I use the Bill Hirsch Cadillac Blue.. Yours doesn't look like the lighter Ford Blues I am use to seeing. Looks pretty close to me. 

Actually this might be where VHT might be a good thing when using Ford Blue. I have used VHT Cadillac Blue and it looked almost Black!.. so if their colors are darker than others their Ford Blue makes it look almost Cadillac Blue! If that make sense.

It is classed as "Dark Blue" and I think, from memory, it was for late model Fords.

I bought about 7 tins of the stuff from Autobarn. (For the Aussies on here)

Clovis  did a very nice job of painting his blower motor box  with a black BQ high heat satin finish paint 

I think the black under hood paint  would be a  Black semi gloss —stock ?

The blue  color that Kevin used is very close to  the stock Cadillac  color and I do like it 


I do know Jason works with Rustoleum paints when the color applies 

The paint is nice to work with and holds up for the long haul real nice 


Kevin’s color has a bit more shine to it that is very appealing 

The shiner paints —will hold up better —for the long haul  as a rule —so that a bit of a plus 


I gave the tappet covers a flogging with a cutting polish and then Mother's Wax job after that.

I was bored one afternoon while waiting for the machine shop. :-)

The whole engine came up pretty ok I reckon. We're no show car, just a good ol survivor driver car.

Sometimes you have to improvise too, like when you don't want to disturb stuff and need to get it the hell out of the road when ya painting.

You can also add a couple of coats of engine grade clear coat such as the Rustoleum Clear engine paint that I use to give it some ultra shine. I used this on my personal valve covers and air cleaner housing. It ends up being like a show car finish... worthy of  Best Paint Award! LOL
If I clear coat something it would be a Acetone-20-20-20-20-20-20 method! Here are the Rustoleum paints I would use on the air cleaner housing which as a gloss black finish.

Here are some pictures of my finished engine from 2012.

"My Acetone dip... 20-20-20-20 methods still works like charm". So what is that?



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