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Links to Automotive Help Topics in Alphabetical Order
1962 Serviceman Bulletins
- 1963 Serviceman Bulletins
- 1964 Serviceman Bulletins
- 1964 Eldorado Survivor's Registry - by Jerry Puma
- AC/Heat: Illustrations and Pictures
- Air Conditioning: Converting to Original A/C from a Non A/C Car
- Air Conditioning: Converting to R134a by Mike Forte
- Air Suspension - How to Choose and Install by Michael Forte

- Alignment: Front-End Alignment Specs for Bias Ply and Radials
- Alternator: Updating the alternator without losing the "Gen" light by Michael Forte
- Ashtrays: How to Open 1963 Passenger Side Ash Tray (video by Kurt Edmiston)
- Auto Transporting Source - All State To State Auto Transport
- Ball Joint (Front Upper) Replacement
- Battery: Example 1964 Battery and Battery Hold Down Hardware Pictures
- Battery: Original Battery and Battery Cable Article in Sept 2013 Newsletter
- Battery Cables Revisited - December 2023 Updates on New Better Replacement Cable
Battery Shield, (Battery Acid Radiator Support Shield, 1964 Cadillac): Discussion, Specs, Pictures
- Body Name Plate (ID Plate on top left of firewall near cowl)
- Body: Sheet Metal Tolerances
- Body Styles and VIN #'s
Brake Booster Push Rod Adjustment
- Brake Illustrations and Pictures
- Brakes: Jason Edge Brake Project
- Brocures for Cadillacs, Etc
- Bumper: 1963 & 1964 Front Bumper End Differences
- Bumper: Front Bumper Illustrations and Pictures
- Bumper: Rear Bumper Illustrations and Pictures

- Cadillac Database
- Cadillac History - Clark Street Assembly (Detroit Assembly) - Wikipedia Article
Cadillac History - Clark St Assembly Plant Write-Up by Gerry Wright & Vintage Pictures
- Cadillac History - Clark St & Fleetwood Plant Closing Article (1987)
- Cadillac History - Clark St Plant to be Repurposed (2015)
- Cadillac History - Clark St Assembly Plant Article
Cadillac History - Fleetwood Metal Body Company
- Cadillac History - Henry Leland (Founder of Cadillac & Lincoln) Article on Hagerty Site
- Camshaft, Aftermarket - Source and Specs
- Car Conditions - 6 Pt Scale - Hagerty Article
- Carburetors used in 1963 & 1964
- Carburetor - Carter AFB Shim and Idle Spoil Ports
- Carburetor - Edelbrock 1406 & 1411 Installation Summary
- Carburetor - Rochester 4GC Service Information 
- Carpets Used in 1963 & 1964 Cadillacs  
- Check Valve on Insulator Board - Testing Article 
- Check Valve on Insulator Board - Testing Video 
Check Valve Repair
- Cigar Lighter Fuse Repair  
- Coil Spring and Suspension Standing Height Specs
- Convertible "quarter window filler" Seals - Sourced from Steele Rubber for other GM Makes

- Convertible Rear Plastic Window - De-Yellowing by Jaye Coppenhaver     
- Convertible Top Manual
- Courtesy Lights - Testing 3 Door Jamb Switch Contacts in a 1964 Coupe/Convertible
- Cranking - Starting System Basics
- Cruise Control - Misc. Illustrations and Pictures
- Dash Illustrations and Pictures
- Dash Pad Removal
- Dash Pad Renewal Tip by Clovis
- Dip Stick Tube, Oil: Removing from Engine Block Without Damaging
Door and Rear Qtr Assembly Illustrations
- Door Boot Repair
- Door Lock Knobs Used  
- Door Panel Clips (Fastener Nails) by Karl Schwarz
- Drilling Broken Exhaust Bolt with Hard Metal Drill Bit
- Driveshaft - Center Bearing - Replacement
- Driveshaft - CV Joint Repair
- Driveshaft - Testing the Driveshaft

Driveshafts used in 1963 & 1964

- Eldorado Biarritz - Fleetwood Eldorado: What’s In a Name?
- Engine and Engine Component Weight
- Engine and Transmission Facts - differences from 62 to 63 to 64 to 65
- Engine Break In Procedures (per Association of Engine Rebuilders)
- Engine Paint Colors 
- Engine Painting Tips 
- Engine Paint: Bill Hirsch vs Seymour Cadillac Blue
Engine Priming After Rebuild and Before Cranking to Break In

- Engine Rebuild: Jason Edge Engine Rebuild and Other Project      
- Engine Unit Number - Decoded and Defined  
- Ethanol Free Gas Stations in US and Canada
- Ethanol in Gasoline for Collector Cars Explained
Exhaust: Example Pictures and Illustrations
- Exhaust Manifolds (Removing) 
- Exterior Body and Trim Part Illustrations
- Factory Installed Equipment Percentages for 1963 and 1964 Cadillacs
- Fans: Radiator Fans Used on 1963 and 1964 Cadillacs
- Fender Skirt Seal Replacement by Ron Perry

- Fender Skirt Seal Replacement Addendum
- Fenders - 1963 & 1964 Cadillac Fender Differences
- FiTech Fuel Injection Installation Tips by Clovis
- Fluid Capacity Chart 
- Frame Information from 1964 Cadillac Shop Manual
- Front Engine Cover and Oil Pump Misc Pictures
- Fuel Filters - Different Types Used
- Fuel Pump Problem - Valves Not Staked in Place
- Fuel Spillage - Serviceman Bulletin Correction Procedure  

- Gas Tank: Jason Edge Gas Tank Project 
- General Specifications for 1963 & 1964 Cadillacs
- GM Heritage Center (for build list / build sheet, spec manual, etc, for your car)
- GM Heritage Info Packets (data book, spec manual, owners manual, ama specs)
- Ground Strap Locations

- Harmonic Balancer - Bolt for Installation
- Harmonic Balancer - Removing (Video)
- Harmonic Balancer Prep - Including Installing Repair Sleeve
- Headlights - T-3 Headlight History
- Heat Riser Operation - Testing
- Hood - Discussion on Lowering Raised Hood
Hood to Cowl Seal Restoration by Jason Edge
Hood to Radiator Shroud Seal Installation by Jason Edge
- Horns Used in 1963 & 1964 
- Horns: 1964 Standard 3 Horn Setup  
Horns: 1964 Eldorado Three Horn Setup
Horns: 1964 Four Horn Setup With Optional "896" Eldorado Horn
Horns: Installing Optional Eldorado Horn on 1964 Cadillac by Jason Edge

- Hose Clamps: Replacing Worm Gear Clamps with Tower Clamps  
- Hubcaps (Wheel Covers) for Cadillac Only  
- Hubcaps (Wheel Covers): Pictures of Different GM Makes and Years  
- Ignition Advance - Engine, Vacuum and Centrifugal Distributor Advance
- Ignition Switches - Hot Wiring and Attaching Aftermarket Ignition Switch
- Intake Manifold - Choke Tube Replacement
- Interior Trim Codes, Illustrations, etc.

- Jason Edge Engine Rebuild and Other Project
Judging: CLC Judging Summary

- Leather & Vinyl Repair
Maintenance Schedule: Engine Oil Change and Viscosity & Maintenance Intervals
- Mirrors: Example Pictures & Illustrations 
- Mirrors: Installation Holes for RH Mirror

- Neutral Safety Switches: Function and Different Switches Used in 1963 and 1964
- Octane Rating Information
Oil: API Engine Oil Service Classification
Oil: Engine Oil Change and Viscosity & Maintenance Intervals
- Oil Filler Cap Reproduction and Restoration
- Oil Viscosity Explained
- Original Cadillac Ads & Literature

- Paint Chip Cross Reference Codes - 1963 Cadillac   
- Paint Chip Cross Reference Codes - 1964 Cadillac  
Paint Chips for 63 & 64 Cadillacs 
Paint - Interior Paint Source, TCB Global
- Park Avenue: 1961 to 1963 Short Deck Body Style Stats
- Pertronix Ignitor Ignition & Flamethrower I, II, and III Comparison 
- Pertronix II & Flamethrower II Installation by Anders 
- Power Steering Pump & Pulley Pictures & Illustrations  
- Price and Production Totals by Year and Body Style   
- Radio: Bench Testing an AM-FM Radio  
- Radio Belt - A Good Replacement for am/fm
- Rear End Differentials: Gear Ratios, Controlled Differentials and Speedometer Gears     
- Rear End Differential Leaks - See reply from Tony Albarella
- Rear Main Seal Oil Leak Fix with Bearing Cap Modification
Relay Testing, Power Window for 1964 Cadillacs
- Resistance Wire Removal or Replacement
Rubber Masticated Shields, Installing to Metal with Short Thick Staples (hood to radiator shroud example)
- Rubber Parts, Rubber Seals, Weather Stripping Example Pictures
- Seat and Seatbelt Illustrations and Pictures    
- Seat Belt Fabric Length
- Seat Transmission - Cleaning the 6-Way and 4-Way Seat Transmissions
- Seatbelts, Rear: Example Pictures from 1964 Sedan de Ville

- Shipping Engines:
- Shop Manuals: Create the Ultimate Work Bench Companion
- Spark Plug Heat Range
- Speedometer Gear (HydraMatic) Housing Leak Fix
- Stabilizer/Anti-Sway Bar from 75 Series Used on other Body Styles
- Starters Used in 1963 and 1964
- Starting - Cranking System Basics

- Steering Wheel & Column Illustrations and Pictures
- Steering Wheel Restoration
- Suspension, Front and Rear - Illustrations & Pictures
- Suspension Standing Height and Coil Spring Specs

(1963) Tail Light / Backup Light Replacement Instructions by Karl Schwarz
- 1963 Tail Lamp Restoration Tips by Jason Edge
Tail Lamp / Tail Light Assembly Illustration and Example Pictures 
- Tail Lamp Testing from the Back Trunk Wall Connector
- Thermostat Basics from NAPA Website
- Tilt Column Conversion

- Tilt Column Addendum to 1963 Cadillac Shop Manual  
- Tire Size Calculator (for Radials)

- Tires: Original Tires and Rims (Wheels) used on 1963 & 1964 Cadillacs   
- Transmission: 1963 Motor Trend Article on the new Turbo Hydramatic  
- Transmission, Drive Plate, Flexplate Pictures
- Transmission: Jason Edge Transmission Project  
- Trunk Cardboard Spatter Paint Recreation   
- Trunk Compartment Example Pictures, Etc  
- Trunk: Vacuum Power Trunk Release and Mechanical Pull Down Components 
- Turn Signal Indicator Removal  
- Turn Signal Indicator & Extension Illustration and Example Pictures   
- Twilight Sentinel (automatic headlight on/off option) Pictures & Illustrations  

- Vacuum Advance Discussion and Reference to Self Starter Article by John Washburn
- Vacuum Schematics and Pictures
- Vent Windows - Adding Power Vent Windows to a car that came with Manual Vent Windows
- Vibration: Shimming the Rear Transmission to Reduce Vibration
- Vibration: Testing the Rear Driveshaft for Worn Out Rear CV Joints Which Cause Vibration
- VIN #'s and Body Styles
- VIN: Where's the VIN?
- Vinyl Top Availability

- Water Pumps: Were Aluminum from the Factory 
- Weight of Car by Body Style
Window Channel - Modifying a new Convertible Door Window Channel to fit a Coupe
- Windshield or Back Glass Trim Removal
- Windshield Washer Reservoir Repair by Jason Edge
- Windshields Used in 1963 & 1964
- Wiring & Electrical Schematics and Pictures


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