Here are percentages of Factory Installed Equipment for 1963 & 1964 Cadillac per Ward's Automotive Yearbook. This is for the entire production model year and spans all body styles. I have ordered them highest to lowest. A couple have been covered in our Trivia posts but thought it would nbee neat to see them all together.

NOTE: N/A simply means the data was not available in Wards Yearbook.  Unless noted, these were available as standard or optional equipment for the the model year. 

Any Surprises??

Equipment                       1963       1964
Automatic Transmission   100%      100%
Power Steering                 100%      100%
Power Brakes                   100%      100%
Heater                               100%       99.9%
Radio                                  99.3%    99.4%
White Wall Tires                 99.0%    99.1%
Tinted Glass                       97.2%    97.7%
Power Windows                 95.1%    96.7%
Power Seats (4 or 6 way)  84.8%    86.6%
Air Conditioning                 66.0%    75.4%
Tilt Steering                          N/A      34.5%
Seat Belts                          22.6%     N/A
Limited Slip Differential     13.2%     15.4%
Bucket Seats                      2.8%       2.4%

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Do you have the numbers for 1963 too?

Yes.. and will post and link both to our Help Page. May try to get posted later today.

Fun stuff to know 


1963 has been added and have added this link to Help Page:
- Factory Installed Equipment Percentages for 1963 and 1964 Cadillacs

Just to add, this is from a primary table of factory equipment options in Wards Yearbook. They also have sections highlighting individual sections (e.g. Air Conditioning) and if I see more that are not in the list I will add them.

If tilt steering is N/A for 1963, does that mean it was dealer installed?

N/A means it is not available to Wards Yearbook ... and not Not Available to the customer. Tilt was a factory option in 1963, as was seat belts in 1964 ... in fact front seat belts would become factory standard later in the 1964 production run. I will denote this in the list. 

Just to add since tilt steering was introduced to general production cars in 1963, this was probably one of those items that slipped the radar of the peeps at Wards Automotive... or perhaps Cadillac just didn't collect the data, but I sort of doubt that. I was surprised not to see 1964 seat belt data as it was mandated for the front in all Cadillacs later in production, but these books have lots of specific sections and I tried to scan thru quickly but didn't see anything. I think it might have been omitted in the 1964 table for lack of space. The do have some things like Windshield Washers, V8 engine, Automatic Transmission, etc (all 100%) that I ommitted. 

Thanks Jason. Very interesting information. Looks like A/C made the biggest jump from 63 to 64. Wished I had the rare bucket seats.

Yep. That would have made a good trivia quesition... biggest % leap for factory equipment.



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