Cadillac Used a 1964 Cadillac at least 3 Times in 1966 Advertising

I have started to dig thru some of my 63/64 Cadillac Ads and organize a bit and noticed that Cadillac used the 1964 Cadillac at Least 3 times in 1966. The would often show a prior year Cadillac in their advertising but interesting that the 64 made its way onto at least 3 1966 ads.  There is also a 1963 ad shown in the background of a 1965 ad, and also a 64 and 62 shown in a 1965 ad.  Again, it was common practiced but done a lot in 1966 using the 64 in the background.  There were of course several reasons for using prior year Cadillacs in their ads. 

Here are the three 1966 ads showing the 1964 Cadillac in background. Let me know if you all know of more.

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Jason, great comparison. I remember those ads.

I wonder if that yellow SdV in the first two ads is the same car.

Would make sense. Ad agency shoot over the course of several weeks. ("Where's a clean '64 for us to use? Plenty of new '66s to choose from. Let the art director decide.") 

Or, just change the car color at the color separator/press.  Again, ask the art director. 

BTW #1:  I sure like the more-crisp roofline of the '64s, compared to 1966s. 

BTW #2:  In the top ad, someone decided to make it appear that the 64 SdV's front parking lights are on, along with the high beams. I'd bet that came about because of glare from the light(s) directed at the front of the car made the parking lights glow a bit amber.  But, whatever the genesis, it's certainly been augmented to appear like actual Illuminated lights.   

BTW #3:  Regarding fender skirts, I never noticed this before, but the parting line from the top of the fender skirt to the fender itself is less obvious on the '66. The top cut is immediately under the side-trim strip, rather than a couple of inches below as on the '64.  The little things do count.

So, I just found a 4th ad with a 66 in the foreground and a 64 in the background. Check it out:

Looks to me that even the Cadillac company thought the 64 model year was a special one for them featuring it in their later advertisements to support the newer year car sales 

We know ——we kept one of those ! ! 

It was common to have a current year Cadillac Ad or two featuring a prior year Cadillac, but four ads seems like a lot! 

Here is a 1965 Cadillac ad with a 1963 in the background: 

Here is a 1965 Cadillac Ad showing a 1964 and 1962 Cadillac in the background

And they did the same thing in 63 and 64. Here is an example of a 1964 Cadillac Ad showing a 1960, 1962 and 1963 Cadillac in the background!

Just fyi, I have been considering how to break up the many Cadillac Ads and Scans I have on file and include in upcoming Chapter newsletters and think I will do a "Looking Back" segment on the ads with other year Cadillacs in them spanning the 63's and 64's ... might even see this in the next newsletter. 



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