It has been a while since we did some trivia and I was watching a movie last night and saw this 1964 Coupe de Ville that briefly makes an appearance.   

The Trivia Question is: What Movie Is this?

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Here are a couple more screen captures:

Cohen brothers movie: “A Serious Man”

BOOM! Chris McBride gets this one FAST!  It only makes a brief appearance in the movie about 51-52 minutes in but when it did my heart started racing. My wife Cheryl and I love the Coen Brothers movies and have been rewatching several during our 30th anniversary at-home-semi-vacation and this one one I had actually not seen.

Any who.... CHRIS..... HAVE A CIGAR!!!!

I will ask a 2nd trivia question regarding this movie .... 2nd Cigar anyone ... and this is related to something regarding the Cadillac in the movie was not quite right?  Well, there were actual two, but one was related to the car itself and not so much the placement in the movie.

Hi Jason,

     I'll posit that it might be the lower half of the taillight lenses.  Is the bottom reflector inside the light white, for the reverse lights to really glow?  Just a guess as I had to rewire mine last year.

Dennis DiBari

No, tail lights are correct. If he had been backing up they would have shown white. I will go ahead and spill the beans on the 3rd trivia:  The movie was set in Minnesota in 1967. while the car has Minnesota license plates, they are 1965 license plates. I think some states issues multi-year corner tags and stickers, usually for just 2 years as I recall, I don't see anything. 

The real 2nd trivia can be seen by close observation, which is a discrepancy, can be seen after the character Sy Ableman (Fred Melamed) is in the car and driving down the road.  When we watched the moment and just a minute or two later he was driving down the road I had a "Wait  a Minute" moment.   So, what was the issue? That is the 2nd trivia. 

Jason, you have me stumped!

Dennis DiBari

I have the luxury of the fact that I rip all of my movies to PC and can scan and stop.  If anyone has a copy go to about the 52 minute mark and tell me what you are seeing in the interior... might not be quite right. I will share a screen print later if no knows or has access to it.

Hmmm.   I do not know that one but what a nice car.  I really like the color.

I think the color is Nile Green.

Yep, Gorgeous color. 

OK. So here is the discrepancy.   The outside of the car shows a 1964 Coupe de Ville. When the character Sy Ableman is driving the car and showing the interior, it is a 1964 Fleetwood 60 Special!  

When I was watched for the first time and they got to the interior shot and saw the rear qtr window and rear door lock knob, and tall bench seats I was like "Whoa, that is a Fleetwood 60 Special".  It actually made me go back and look at the earlier exterior shots of the car. I also wanted to go back and look for the wood grain on the door and sure enough there it was. My guess was the Fleetwood has roomier interior and perhaps it was used for the interior shots.

Either way, here are the dead giveaways (see picture with arrows below):
- rear qtr window (could have been a 6 window Sedan de Ville or 6 Window Series 62 sedan) but other items ID it as a 60 Special.
- rear window door lock knob
- wood grain on door panel

- The seats on the 60 Special are taller than the Coupe de Villes, and Series 62 sedans and Sedan de Villes. It also has the vertical pleating inner fabric extending up and over the top as seen in this car.

So, there you go. I guess I  WILL HAVE TO HAVE MY OWN CIGAR!!



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