1963/64 Cadillac Chapter Website Membership Requirement Change

The 63/64 Cadillac Website at www.6364cadillac.com will transition to a Public Restricted Website.  This means that anyone can publicly view the website, however, you will need to be a CLC and Chapter member to post to the website.  

As of today, November 1, 2023, I am only allowing CLC (Cadillac & LaSalle Club) members to join the 63/64 Cadillac Chapter Website.

As of January 1, 2024, all non-members and their content will be removed from the website.  
This gives everyone that is not already a member two months to sign up to the Cadillac & LaSalle Club.  I will send out reminders as January 1 approaches but wanted to give everyone an early heads up.  After reading the details below, please consider joining the CLC and our Chapter if not already a member. 

It has always been a source of confusion that non-CLC and non-Chapter Members have been able to join the 63/64 Cadillac Chapter Website. I am constantly getting the "I'm already a Chapter Member" comment from those that have joined the website but have never joined the CLC (Cadillac & LaSalle Club) or our Chapter.

  • Over the years I kept the door open to non-CLC members first, hoping they would eventually join, and second, understanding that the lowest annual membership rate of $35 the CLC offered was perhaps prohibitive. 
  • At this point we have over 3000 website members, mostly made up of non-posters that I assume still occasionally come to the site to research something in our Help Pages or see what is going on. Of those 3000, we do have a handful of active members made up of Chapter and non-Chapter members. 
  • The CLC has also reduced their online only entry level membership free from $35 to $25. That is like the cost of a quarter tank of gas in 2023! 
  • Our Chapter has also always been FREE! Many regions and some chapters charge an annual fee. I don't. I cough up the $300 a year to host this site as it makes little sense to go after a few cents from each member ... so I just pay it out of pocket. 
  • As of last year I bumped up my Chapter Discount on parts from 10% to 25%. That means if you spend $100 a year on Classic Cadillac Parts, I have basically paid for your one year membership with the CLC and our Chapter! 

If you are CLC and 63/64 Cadillac Chapter Member --> Thanks for the Support! We have some great times ahead and have lot of things planned for the website and ideas floating around for our Most Excellent Chapter!!!

If you are not a CLC and 63/64 Chapter Member --> Check out the details for joining below.  I look forward to having you help build our Chapter & Website!

If not a member of the CLC check out the many benefits of membership and join today at www.benefits.cadillaclasalleclub.org then join at www.join.cadillaclasalleclub.org


Jason Edge
Director & Webmaster: 1963/64 Cadillac Chapter

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for the heads-up as to the coming changes.   If I read it correctly, all content previously posted by non-members will be deleted on Jan 1, 2024.

I understand that idea in theory, but in application it may mean that some valuable comments get trashed.  

If we're all here to learn and exchange thoughts/ideas/experiences regarding our beloved '63-64 Cadillacs, I don't see how eliminating some of the already-posted content helps that.

Can you please elaborate?

I love this site and am definitely remaining a member here and at CLC.  I appreciate your continuing efforts on our collective behalf.




Van, I think all the details and reasons are there in the post above. I do hope many of our non-Chapter members will join the Chapter and remain on the Chapter Website; however, all non-members will be removed on Jan 1.  For whatever information we lose, we still have 380 Chapter members to contribute to filling in any blanks and adding additional helpful information.  In the coming weeks as we lead up to Jan 1, I will be posting more information to hopefully entice non-members to join the CLC and our Chapter and take advantage of its many benefits. 

The decision to require Chapter Membership to join the Chapter Website has been made.  If Chapter Members want to provide insight on how to grow the Chapter and the Website going forward email me at jasonedge64@outlook.com or join us on Zoom this Sunday in our monthly meet-up.

Non-Chapter members wanting to vent about this decision will be removed now. Russ Austin was removed this morning going on about how someone else started this website!  I did not start the first 63/64 Cadillac website to ever exist, I do not host the only 63/64 Website, but I started this Chapter and this website.  I pay $300 a year to Ning.com to host this site, and started and hosted several other 63/64 Cadillac Websites on different platforms that have nothing to do with other websites.  The reality is this website is the 380 CLC dues-paying Chapter Member's website

I truly hope each of our non-Chapter members will consider joining the CLC and then our Free Chapter, but if you are not a member of the CLC you will be removed as of Jan 1 or shortly there after. There are hundreds of other completely free social media forums out there if you need a free un-tethered placed to post, etc., but this is the Chapter Website and it will be for Chapter Members.

We will remain public restricted in that you can see the content but need to join the CLC and our Chapter to post. $25 to join both the CLC and our Chapter is not a lot and the benefits of joining the CLC and our Chapter are huge!  That $25 helps keep the club afloat and enables us to host these fantastic Grand Nationals, Driving Tours, produce a fantastic monthly magazine and much more.

Again, If not a member of the CLC check out the many benefits of membership and join today at www.benefits.cadillaclasalleclub.org then join at www.join.cadillaclasalleclub.org    

Reminding all 63/64 Cadillac Chapter Website members that our site will transition to a "Chapter Members Only" website in one month on Jan 1, 2024. 

Keep in mind you can sign up for the CLC and our Chapter for as little as $25 a year.

If not a member of the CLC

check out the many benefits of membership and join today at www.benefits.cadillaclasalleclub.org 

then join at




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1963/64 Cadillac Chapter Website Membership Requirement Change

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