I'm looking to freshen up a few thing on the 429, and am looking for sources of the timing cover.  I.m new to the Cadillac world and have found that the Cadillac King sells a refurbished timing cover, just wondering if someone had any experience with them and or any other source.  I searched back on this site and didn't find any info when people asked similar questions.  Thank you very much.

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I have not dealt with Cadillac Kings much, but i have had good experiences with them on the few transactions we did do.

I have a 64 timing cover for 250.00 plus shipping. The oil pump well is in good shape and the pump shaft hole mic check within limits. 

email me at russ@thecadishack.com 

Question: what are those specs. on the oil pump gear wells on the front cover ?

Not sure off hand, but the shop manual has the specs in the back of the engine section. 

Hi Mike,

     I had to replace the aluminum timing cover for my 64 429.  I did it last year and it was tough to find a cover with the exact number on the lower part of the cover.  Finally managed to locate one but there are very few out there to match the engine.  Some say Cadillac King is a risky site, but I do believe they might have one.  Just make sure the number on the cover matches theirs.  Cadillac King had one listed for a 1963, but it was the same number; that's what counts.  I believe it was expensive.  Dennis DiBari Cottekill, NY

Ok thanks everybody for the information.  I just need to pull it apart and develop my plan from there.

Ok, time to update this thread.  I ordered a complete timing cover and gasket set from Cadillac King.  I wish that I had read some off the online reviews of them before ordering from them.  It has been one of the most frustrating  purchases ever.  From the lack of information regarding shipping, items took six weeks for 1 to arrive then two months for the other despite numerous calls and emails to ask approximate arrival dates.  Now they have had my core return since May 1, and have not been able to provide any info regarding my money being credited even after  numerous calls and emails.  Every time they answer, if they do, the person needed is off or on vacation.  They take phone numbers and promise to return call, but never do, nor do they return emails.  At this point, I will gladly sacrifice my $300 core return, and try to inform (warn) people of the frustration from my transaction with Cadillac King.

They tried to get me to send them a 1964 flexplate 20 years ago without payment for one of their customers, claiming they would pay me after they received the flex plate and had sold it. I told them in no uncertain terms I DON'T THINK SO!  Seems they were a bad apple then and a bad apple now.  We all make one off mistakes but they get consistently bad reviews.

You are not alone on this situation. They do this to everyone.  File a BBB complaint against them and file a claim with your credit card company. 



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