I have a brand new Edelbrock 1406 carburetor the I would like to install on my 63. I have used these carbs on several vehicles that I have owned (Fords) and they work very well straight from the box. My concern is connecting the TV rod to my Jetaway tranny. Is there a way to mate the TV rod bracket from my AFB to the Edelbrock carb or do I need to get creative? I spent some serious dollars to have my tranny rebuilt and would hate to screw it up over a simple carb swap. Thanks

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I never installed the THM kickdown switch on mine and have never really felt the need. I have plenty of power to pass at anytime. It is a project I will undertake at some point. I understand with the HM this is not an option. To get correct shifting the TV rod needs to be attached to carb throttle plate and a stock Carter AFB TV rod throttle plate can be adapted to attach to Edelbrock.

Perfect. Thank you.  I’ll hook the kicks down switch up at some point but I have some work to do first. I’ve been through two different engine builders and it’s been two years but my motor should be ready this week. :)   I painted the truck piece by piece in my garage. She’s ready for her caddy motor. 

I have had no need to be using a kick down switch ( passing gear ) with the th- 400 trans as I have all the passing power I need at any speed as Jason suggested ( engine torque at play ) 

I never found a need to be installing the idle up on the carb for the AC that’s on the carb as the AC works well without that - but just my opinion 

Own my convert since new 



i like your style - that is a very  mid 50’s  Cadillac  engine swap —- into your 50’s pick up truck ( Grandpa’s ) 

As in Stud-a lack and a lot of  Ford and Chevy Hot rod bodies ( HP to weight ratio - always ) 

Very period correct build and engine swap 

Back in the day the Cadillac engines went into many vehicles to be increasing there power being one of most powerful reliable engines coming out of the American car makes 

Do not forget that Hot Rodding is a very American thing ! 


Norm Waters —just did a swap from this HM to a TH -400 trans on this site including many details that you want to know about doing that swap 

There is a library of info in the - Search - at the top right of the home page 

Pay special attention to the size of the your engines crankshaft and the kit required to make a Hm backed engine adapt to the th-400 trans 

Your engine and a th-400 trans will make for a very  very reliable performance combination - both proven performers 

That 50’s Chevy Pick up will be special anyplace you take it —- I like your style !!! 



I see you are in Cal — perfect - the home of the Hot Rod 

All I often see are mostly 350 Chevy engines in a lot of HoRods  and  Hot  Rods to me are mostly about the unique power plant in them 

The fact you are going with a  390  Cadillac engine  and the turbo trans is just Excitingly Aeusome to me as in period correct 

Love the project you are putting together—- Literally !

Great Project !


Thank you for the kind words. I was really going for an old school hot rod kind of thing. That’s why I kept the straight axle. I already bought the kit so hopefully the crankshaft adapter fits. :) 

Just knowing that there is a correct kit to mount your engine that had the HM trans behind it when  then going to th-400 trans swap is the key 

Some attempting  the swap without the swap kit has lead to a good number of people breaking their flywheels and going back to square one to be redoing the swap to make it work 

Norm Waters —got the swap right so his posted info  on this site should be a big help to get that swap right for you 

He did say that the new TH -400 felt like it produced additional power and that it improved his gas mileage over the HM trans he had prior 


Well, the beast is in...   I tried to prime the motor before starting and found that the rocker arm assemblies were hopelessly clogged (engine rebuilder never touched them I guess) so I sent them out to be rebuilt.  Can I just route a vacuum hose from the valley cover breather to either the front or back vacuum ports on the carb?  Do I need to replace it with a PCV valve or does it matter? Thank you.


The valley cover hose runs under the intake up around the front of it —-to a PVC valve ( just before the carb ) and then into the front of the carb ( use clamps on all vacuum lines to carb ) 

Not sure what is done with the carbs rear vacuum port when using the Jetaway trans but I think it would have to be plugged 

If you are using the black stock spacer below your carb you will need to block the inlet tube on it —-as the 1406 has its own inlet for the PCV valve or you will have a major air leak ( vacuum leak into the intake ) if not done ( like my idiot mechanic gave mine back to me ) 

That should help same 


My 1406 on my 64 - 429 had to be rejected two jetting sizes richer to be correct on my engine 

Once all engine specs are correct check your plugs to see how they are burning on a plug chart 

When correct they SB a brown paper bag color 

The Edelbrock techs will help you get the mixture right — just give them the numbers on your jets and metering rods and they will walk you thru your adjustments needed

Only do your carb work and adjustment when you know all other aspects of the cars tune are on spec

The very last fine tune adjustment you want to be doing —- only once and done until your next carb change 


My description of the valley cover hose path —-is for my 64-429 engine 

I see from your photo above your valley cover outlet may be in a different location than mine so the path  I suggested may not apply in your case 




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