Dave Leash, the CLC Sales & Marketing Rep,  has set up our own Chapter Store on the GM Club Apparel website at

We have 19 different items to choose from with several colors available for most!!

Note: If you have not used the GM Apparel store you can sign up for a 15% off discount code at lower left of the screen.

Here are screen capture of the many items now available to our Chapter & Website members: 



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Reminding everyone to check out our new 1963/64 Cadillac Chapter Store. Instead of one grey t-shirt, we now have 19 different items, with different available colors!

Here is the link:

Here are a couple of items I ordered as Christmas Gifts to myself:

Here is one item I picked up for Cheryl ... to match her Red Cadillac SRX:

I noticed on our Chapter Store they now have a new discount code APP20 that will take 20% off your order.  Be sure to scan the QR code and add the GM Club Apparel app to your phone!

Here are a couple more of the many items we now have available in several colors:

Just a reminder that our Chapter Store is open and they often have great discounts. I received one yesterday for buy 2 items get a 3rd free (equal or lesser value).  I have ordered about a 1/2 dozen items (already have the cool garage banner), and used a 15% off code. They almost always have a good deal running.  I don't like all these mailing lists, but you want to get on theirs if you want to pick up a 63/64 Shirt, jacket, cap or whatever!

I talked to our GM Apparel store rep Dave Leash and he will be adding:
a long sleeve t-shirt, pocket t-shirt, button up shirt and a sweatshirt
to the list of items available on our Chapter Store

I have 5 items I ordered and will post some pictures later.  These are very sharp and have been very pleased. The polo shirts in with embroidered logos were really impressive and the one item I got the most requests for over the years!

Be sure to check out our Chapter Store at 

Here is one of the shirts I ordered... black polo:

That’s awesome Jason! I’m going to have get a long sleeve. The Polos do look great though. 

Hello All. Two updates on our new Chapter Store Merchandise:

Our CLC Marketing Rep, Dave Leash has indicated that the cutoff for Christmas orders is 12/15 FYI -(except banners, they are 12/20) ... So ... you should get those Christmas Orders in Now! 

Also, Dave has added more merchandise including an Oxford Dress shirt and a Long Sleeve T-Shirt as seen below.  Almost everything comes in several colors. For example, with the long sleeve t-shirt you can get in 10 colors!!

Here is the link to our Chapter Store:

or to make it easier to remember:

1963/64 Cadillac Chapter Store Updates

--> THE NOT SO GREAT NEWS --> Christmas Cut-Off is Dec 11.  That means you are running out of time to order the cool new Chapter stuff for Christmas!  But you still have a couple of days!

--> THE DEFINITELY GREAT NEWS - Enter code DEC22  to receive 22% off  your Christmas Order!

--> Our New Front and Back T-Shirt is Here ... and Available in Many Colors!!
I just received my t-shirt with front and back logo in ash grey and it is a big upgrade to the old grey shirt.  The new car logo on the back is much more realistic and the wreath and crest on the front is a really nice touch.   The shirt pictured here is in ash grey, very similar to the color of our old Chapter Shirt. It is also available in 10 other colors. I am not sure of the climate where you are at, but it eventually warms up and you will want to be sporting one of these on the nice warm days. With the 22% discount this shirt drops in price from $25.99 to around $20. 

So!... go to www.chapterstore.6364cadillac.com and pick out those cool Chapter items you deserve, enter code DEC22 to save 22% and wait for Santa to bring you that cool Chapter stuff in his Custom Cadillac Sleigh!

I recently made 2 more merchandise orders from our Chapter Store and Dave Leash told me today they the two order numbers ended in 63 & 64... what are the odds of that?!   I took advantage of the buy one banner get another for free deal on one order, then used the 22% deep discount on the other stuff. Needless to say I have been like a kid in a candy store with all this new stuff. I'm going to have to get a bigger closest!

assuming the two orders were determinately consecutive, the odds were 1 in 100. for the two numbers to appear randomly in any order not made consecutive on purpose, the odds of any two numbers is 1 in 4950.

Landing on order #63 was indeed 1 in 100.  The unknown would be the probability someone would place another order, or 2 or 3, before I made the second order. I had walked away from my desk and guess I made the 2nd order within the hour.  I am not sure how many orders Dave gets a day or an hour but that would be a factor.  To take this point to the extreme I often place back to back shipment orders with UPS and USPS going to same customer, and I will submit the print button within a second or two but my sequentially generated tracking number might be several hundred apart. Of course here you have thousand of other submitting shipment labels at any given time, but even if I had submitted my 2 orders say 10 seconds apart or even 1 second apart there is a small probability that someone else would submit an order between my 2 orders splitting the numbers.  So, number of orders Dave  gets a day, and my length of time between 2 orders would have to be factored in. Regardless, Dave was just pointing out that it was cool how the order numbers ended in 63 and 64.



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