My '64 Eldo's high-pressure P/S hose sprung a leak, so I want to change it (and the low-pressure hose.) 

My car is concours-level restored, so keeping as close to the stock fitment and appearance is important. Caddy Daddy's site shows hoses that look correct, to my eye, but are several inches longer than the ones on my car. 

My other question is about the fittings. Were there two different styles/sizes of fittings used in '64? On the various sites I've searched, several list TWO different part numbers for the low-pressure hose, and TWO other numbers for the high-pressure hose. The difference seems to be with just the fittings.

My car does NOT have Climate Control or a P/S cooler, if that matters. 

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks,


PS: It looks pretty straightforward to change the hoses. Anything to watch out for? I know, put a huge drip pan underneath!

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There is 1 type of fitting or hose type for the 63 64 high pressure hose. The low pressure is a straight piece of tubing. 

If you do not like Caddy daddy or any other manufacturer, just take the old hose to a shop and get one made up. 

  I believe the one McVeys has is correct,  maybe Jason can chime in.

Make sure to use a tubing wrench.   

The original Power Steering Hose for 1964 was Parts Group 6.670, Part No 599 2602 per 1965 Master Parts Book. It lists 2 numbers for 1963, but says to use this part # when prior # (569 0579) was depleted ... just one of many midyear part # changes. 
Here is an example of the 555 2602 I pulled up which looks similar to some of the original looking High Pressure hoses I have pull over the years.  Not sure of length, and MPB does not list it. I would need to go through my hose bin and get some measurements.

Thanks Jason, for the pix and info.

Today, I ordered the two hoses that Caddy Daddy has on their site.  Since they have that red '64 Eldo project car, I'm hoping they'd have the correct hoses. 

BTW: The existing hoses on my car are about 21" and 24" long.  

The new high-pressure hose is listed at 31".  

The new low pressure hose is 39" but is easily trimmed to fit (no fitting on one end).

As for the tubing angle at the flare fitting to the pump, mine looks more like a 135-degree bend than either a 90 or 180 (pretty obvious.) See my pix.


REPRODUCTION. You are purchasing one low pressure (return) power steering hose. There are 3 options for the fittings for these years: 90 Degrees, 180 Degrees (Straight) And 135 Degrees. Please compare to your original hose to ensure proper fitment. 


Hose End Type 1: 3/8 Inch - Male Inv. Flare - 90 Degree

Hose End Type 1 Thread Size: 5/8 Inch - 18

Hose End Type 2: 3/8 Inch ID Hose (No Fitting)

Hose End Type 2 Thread Size: No Fitting

Approximate Hose Length: 39 Inches


1961-1976 Cadillac Models


REPRODUCTION. You are purchasing one high pressure power steering hose. Please compare to yours to ensure proper fitment. 


Hose End Type 1: 0.375 Inch - Male Inv. Flare

Hose End Type 1 Thread Size: 5/8 Inch - 18

Hose End Type 2: 0.4375 Inch - Male Inv. Flare

Hose End Type 2 Thread Size: 11/16 Inch - 18

Approximate Hose Length: 31 Inches


1963-1964 Cadillac Models

Just all FYI to anyone interested,


Pix with current hoses in place. 


PS: Thanks to Russ and Marty too, for the added info.  



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