Everything that is wrong with my 1964 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

After a couple of weeks of owning the car and a total of 3 times driving it, I have compiled a little list of all the things that I found so far that need looking into.
I plan to document my entire journey with the '64 on YouTube. Firstly, because I am a part-time YouTuber and second there cannot really be enough content about these beautiful cars.

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Comment by Tony and Ginny 429 on February 20, 2022 at 3:06pm


All treads  - over many years-  are stored in a library in the Search Engine at the top of the home page for the asking  but most questions are answered in the Service Manual 


Comment by Tony and Ginny 429 on February 20, 2022 at 2:59pm


This is the best possible place in the world you can be for 64  CDV parts and advice

Your key with the engine off SB north and south —not to the left ( is on accessory and  can drain the battery ) 

The air cleaner color SB black -stock 

The antenna goes up and down —-by pushing and pulling one of the radio nobs 

The Service Manual for our year cars— is a very exceptional one - and all you could ever know about your Cadillac ( the Bible ) 

Plug  —-the vacuum at the rear of the intake manifold that goes thru the firewall 

Doing that will isolate the engine from any vacuum leaks you may have  from the AC heat systems that work on vacuum in the cabin allowing you to get the engine to  run vacuum leak free unless you have other engine  vacuum issues 

AlWAYS —clean the grounds  first Associated with any  electrical work you are doing 

Often that will result in a fix 

Much electrical power comes into the cabin thru the wires in the drivers door jam under the black rubber covering ( broken or damaged wiring from door use ) 

Best to get the car road worthy  FIRST by : 

Getting the brakes in order 

Do a very complete tune up including ignition wires 

I chose to replace my carb on my 429 with an Edelbrock 1406 with an electric choke ( closest to stock Carter ) 

You should rejet and adjust the  new carb— Only after a complete tune up with no  engine vacuum leaks and all on spec 

You will need— the stock  gaskets and the plastic spacer below that carb for the carb  to perform as intended 

Reading the plugs will tell you how the fuel mixture is performing 

Looks like you are very rich running now 

Replacing your fuel filter may help you increase your to available  top speed if it is clogged 

You can then enjoy driving the car while addressing any other issues you like 

Looking forward to you working thru your issues and sharing your experience with this community as we all learn a bit for our own restorations in that way 

Most parts are still available so become friendly with Mr Jason Edge ( web master ) and Mr Russ Austin both top notch parts suppliers and great  very fair guys to be doing business with 

There parts and advice are second to none and —you get the right part and best advice 

As it is a Hobby —if your not enjoying the journey ( restoration )  — you are doing something wrong


Comment by Jason Edge on February 19, 2022 at 9:21pm

You covered a lot of ground with your video and instead of getting into anything specific, I will just say it is good that you took the time to go through what you know about the car and document.  It will be a good idea to break down things you want to address, into smaller projects and tackle one at a time based on certain criteria such as drivability, cost, and most importantly what makes you happy.  To me once you get basic drivability issues, such as running, braking, steering, suspension, exhaust out of the way, you can pick and choose. For me sometimes just the simplest fixes and upgrades have brought me the most pleasure.  For example I think I smiled almost as big when I got my washer pump working as when I first fired up my engine when I rebuilt it. I know you mentioned the car not running as good as it might should but I would go completely through basic tune-up maintenance before you start replacing major components. Sometimes, an adjustment of timing of timing, etc, rejetting a carb, can make a big difference. 
Finally, it looks like you have a fine 64 Cadillac. I've been tinkering and upgrading mine for 25 years now and sure have enjoyed the journey.

Comment by JOHN V SCHILLACI on February 19, 2022 at 5:34pm

Looks like you covered almost everything. The a/c repair will be expensive. If this is a "little" list of the issues, I would hate to see a big list.     lol


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Available parts

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Caddy members, I’m upgrading my 64 2-door coupe deville.

motor guy lost my block (machine shop went under) so I’m replacing motor & tranny with LS conversion. I have motor parts (other than block) for 429, rebuilt transmission, converter, and too many other motor parts not needed with fully dressed LS going in.

Email me (Tom.reichenberger@ipsper.com) or call me (210-739-4854) if you’re interested…..I live in San Antonio, TX.

thanks, TX…


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