Trivia Question 17 - Item You COULD NOT Delete Because of Cars Heater

OK. We had so much fun with the last Trivia regarding the car's heater, I thought we should post another heater related question.  So here goes:

What item does the spec manual go out of its way to indicate you cannot delete because of the cars heater system? Better put you your thinking caps for this one ... or read the spec manual!

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Not another friggin heater related thing.

Geez Jason, some days you 're just a big shit. LOL :-)

OK, after very careful thought, by process of elimination and common sense..... arrrgggh, i got nothing. 

You battin' zero these days, are ya!

Would it be the blower motor or is that considered part of the heater?

Or defroster?

Nope. I will give you guys a major hint: The item is an option, or at least part of an option
So, think of all the optional items you could get with your car and think of one item, or part of, that you would not want to delete because of something to do with the heater system!

No heater so no defroster function 

Tony, I don't understand the reply. As indicated heater is standard equipment. I am asking for the name of a specific option, keeping in mind it is not the heater as it is standard, and not the AC, but some other option that cannot be deleted in part BECAUSE OF the heating system.

Here's another big hint: When you order this option it is made up of 3 main components.  The customer might consider omitting one of the 3 components but the spec manual indicates it cannot be deleted because of the heater system.

So. Think of all the options and what would have 3 main components where eliminating one would affect the heater system.  

I'll take one more shot: Bucket seats because the heater ducts to the rear seats are different. The console sits over the duct.

Bingo, Bingo, Bingo!!!
                              Have a Cigar!
I thought this one might be a bit tough, but the Console of the Bucket Seat Option could not be deleted because the console houses the duct & vent that feeds hot air to the back! Here is the Spec Manual Write-Up and a picture of the rear vent:

"Console Cannot Be Omitted.  The bottom of the console houses a heat duct which directs warm air into rear compartment through grille. This, among other problems, precludes the omission of the console."


I was only able to get this because of the clues and the fact that I have actually installed the bucket seat package in my car. Yes, Jason, that was a tough one!

My version:

Very nice ... and yours has the light lens.  A 2nd Trivia question might be... what Optional item included additional light to the front passengers and a separate light for the rear passengers? ...answer would be center console with the bucket seat option.  Of course the front light only comes on with you open the console lid.

Bucket seats are not at all conducive and a denturent to be having sex in the front seat ( doors open if stopped ) 

So I passed on them —-after my 63 Chevy Super Sport that had bucket seats 

0ur living room  couch like front seat does provide that luxury ( it is a luxury car after all ) 

Difficult  to look like— a two headed driver when you have bucket seats — just saying ! 




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