Ok. It has been a while since we have done some Trivia so I will bring one up I used in our Chapter Zoom Meet-Up last Sunday.  To be fair, if you were in the zoom meet-up let someone else answer it ... at least for now! This is a 2 part Trivia Question and will ask the 2nd question after the 1st one is answered.  So we have TWO CIGARS up for grabs!

So, check out the picture below.  It is a 1963/64 Cadillac Part.  WHAT IS IT? 

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I don't know how it would be listed in the master parts catalog but my guess is that it is a radio-delete dash filler plate.

I'd run with that Kurt..... 

Kurt is correct!
That master Parts Book calls them Radio Opening Cover Lens & Retainer - No Radio (parts groups 9.748 & 10.256 with corresponding part #'s 158 9408 and 148 0209) and correct for 1963 & 1964 without radio.

... BUT FIRST... KURT..............HAVE A CIGAR!!!

OK. So Part 2... for another Cigar! 
What % of 1963 and 1964 Cadillacs came with a radio?   Need a correct answer within 1%!

We will use this stat to get an approximation of the # of these "no radio" opening covers were produced.


Bingo!  Matti, HAVE A CIGAR!!!
The % that came with a radio each year was 99.3% in 1963 and 99.4% in 1964.

Or, about 0.7% without in 1963 and 0.6% without in 1964.

Or, looking at the production #'s for each year (163,174 in '63 & 165,959 in '64), 
--> about 1,142 without a radio in 1963, and 996 without a radio in 1964

Wow! Thanks!

From memory this is the 2nd "no radio" opening cover I have brought in. I know I had at least one other I sold maybe 10 or 15 years ago. I always thought this would be an extremely nice piece to have if going custom ... either to use to cut out for whatever has you need to match the size or something yet, or better yet to put some type of LED screen behind it!

The only Cadillac I've seen ordered without a radio was a 61 Fleetwood 75 limo. The story behind it is that it was a gift for a convent in New York. The nuns were reluctant to accept such a fancy car but thought that the Lord would approve if it didn't have A/C or a radio so that's how it was ordered. This was at our local CLC chapter meet  in May 2013.

Just to add the Radio was not a free standard item either, and was an extra cost item on every body style including the Eldorados ... but it was included with the 4 main Accessory order groups 1, 2, 3, 4.  You would either have to not use the accessory groups when ordering or indicate no radio special order if you selected one of the standard groups. At least that is the way I understand it.

You would find, that say, someone in the Exclusive Brethren, would order NO RADIO as they don't have rafia/TV stuff like that.

No, i'm not a member, but i did work for some and i would always be required to remove radios in any cars that were bought. 



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