Putting things back together under the hood and need to know how battery cables are routed and where negative cables hooks to engine.Please show pictures when replying if possible. Positive cable goes over radiator support I know but how is ground properly routed?

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Negative Battery cable goes from battery to frame under battery tray with short leg over to radiator support. You can see it in the 3rd and 4th picture in on Help page picture at this link:
- Ground Strap Locations

Positive Battery main starter cable and alternator wire goes over radiator support under a clip (usually missing) down and along edge of inner fender, then over and in between the exhaust manifold to a battery cable clamp attached to engine at cylinder head, then down to starter on 1964's. On 1963's it goes straight back and over to engine and starter.  The positive cable is never grounded as that would cause a direct short. See pictures of positive cable below.

If you need the battery cable clip for the top of the radiator core support, I have them new. 20.00 and the correct reproduction. They are white.

email me at  russ85747@hotmail.com if you are interested.

So, Pos cable goes over rad support along with wire to alternator under special clip. Got that. Neg cable goes to frame under battery tray with short leg to rad support, got that. No major ground to engine other than two grounds on cylinder heads?

Where can I get insulation for positive cable where it goes by exhaust manifold?

Ahhh, now that I look, I also have a major ground cable hooked to bell housing from frame. 

That would be correct.

See most major grounds including the very critical frame to back of engine ground strap on this Help Page -  - Ground Strap Locations

These folks look like they have it. a lot of good stuff in here too.


My cable shielding came with the original type Spring Ring cables I installed on my Cadillac and as seen in that picture. If restoring to original you might want to check out this article:

- Battery: Original Battery and Battery Cable Article in Sept 2013 Ne...

You can route the positive cable under the exhaust ( a lot of open space )of the 64 directly to the starter


Thanks guys for the answers. The pics helped a lot also.
On more quick question. The two wires going to the starter solenoid, do they come to the starter from under the manifold? Mine originally came down with the positive cable. Both were cooked.

The blue wire comes from the neutral safety switch, through the fire wall and down to the starter via the 2 wire (dark blue and yellow) engine cranking to starter harness.
The yellow wire (and resistor wire) goes from ignition coil, down left  top side of engine thru the metal clips on the valve cover facing the intake, to back of engine, where the yellow wire splits off and goes down to the starter via the starter harness, while the resistor wire goes in through the firewall with the rest of the starting harness, and eventually connects to the pink "ignition" wire.

Here is a full view of the complete 1964 engine cranking and starter harness (click to enlarge):



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