As I am collecting items for a brake overhaul, I’ve have come across many posts about the aftermarket drums not being of quality like the originals. 

I am fairly certain the drums I have are not original, but my other concern are the rims. I want them to mount and play nice with everything else. 

Can anyone confirm my suspicions that the drums are NOT OEM, and the rims ARE OEM? 

64 Fleetwood



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I have looked thru the forum and found the help page shows identical wheels, so I am guessing mine are original, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong. 




The year of the rim is stamped on the inside of the rim - tire off - and I cannot tell looking at the outside  of the rim myself but they do look as they should  from the outside to me ( correct shaped lips ) 

I think the depth of the rim is the difference with other year rims 

The drum looks stock but I do not see the slot on the face of the drum that allows you to adjust the brake shoes from its front —-so not sure but just might be the photo

You will need the correct year rims —-and the - slotted balancing weights ( weight as shown in the first rim photo ) or you will not be able to mount our year Cadillac  hub caps 

Hubcap will not go on as non slotted weights will prevent that 

If you do not have the slotted balance weights after a shop balances the rims you can crazy glue the weights  in the same location to the inside lip of the rim ( after grinding a clean place on the rim ) it works as it should be what I did 

You may be able to have the shop balance the rim from only the back of it but never did that myself 

Rims sometimes need to use balance weights on both the front and back of the rim to get it right from my own experience 


If the brake shoe adjustment hole is hidden due to the photo you do have a  stock brake drum on your car 

That SB a stock front brake drum you are looking at 

The front drums have the middle center  spindle ( that is removable ) but all the drums are the same in all four corners —- as are the brake shoes for each drum 

All brake shoes are the same size internally 

Be sure to put the larger one and the smaller shoe —  where it belongs 


The adjustment hole appears to be hidden as there is one there. However, there are NO alignment tabs after reviewing with Jason thru email. 

What are alignment tabs ?




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