how many people here have a 63 64 with a rebuilt engine say in the last 25 to 30k miles,, and would take off on a 30 hour trip,,    say 8 hours a day for 4 days..

even with the rebuild, is there enough confidence in the old metals, to feel good about it.. 

i am considering take mine from MT to MS in the late fall  i figured id need oil, TF, couple of hoses for radiator, maybe a water pump, some fuel line,, maybe a case i went down, i could do the hoses, but if something else went, i could have th parts available if i went down in say Raton NM or texline, tx,, you get the point,

either way, i ws just wondering in general, if the old engines can handle that stress, in general..

i take mine on two hour jaunts probably one to two days a week, with no issues,, but thats  a far cry from 8 hours..

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The engines are tough. The mixture of metals Cadillac used makes the block tough as nails.  I would not second guess a long trip. Pack a tool kit and parts like you plan, and hit the road.

After 55+ years each car is different. And each rebuild, if done, is different. Also each driver drive differently. So nobody can tell except the guy that has done it with that particular car. And even if it was good first time doesn't mean it will be okay next.

You know your car better than anybody. You know whats good and whats not. If you trust your car go ahead, if not get a train or plane ticket.

So take your time and enjoy the ride. If it falls apart? Well that's the beginning of a book...

If/when you drive from Montana. Drive through North Dakota and pick up Scotts Pearsons DeVille

Have a set of fan belts with you ( that will have you stranded if one breaks -they all come off ) 

A set of tools and a good jack ( for a tire change )

Be sure your heater and rad hoses are in good condition ( if one breaks you are stranded ) 

Be sure your  engine tune is on spec before the journey 

If using points be sure they are fresh every 6,000 miles - timing checked and a fresh rotor and dist cap ( only with brass terminals ) 

Oil change and grease every 6m miles if needed 

If the car is performing as it should before the journey you should be fine for the trip 

If you have Antique car insurance you may be covered for lodging if the car requires repair at a local gas station while away from home for anything else that might turn up 

The engine and trans in these cars are of extremely high quality and should perform without issue if given some attention before a journey 

You might consider having a local mechanic look over the  entire car before a journey as I know some people will do 

With the above addressed you should have a great trip and great fun driving your great car 


I've had my '63 for 5 years now. Not afraid to drive it anywhere. Never been rebuilt to my knowledge, leaks a little oil here and there but everything works as it should. I did spend the first year getting it road worthy to my standards, belts, hoses, tune, AC, etc. etc.

Have driven a lot of Rt. 66 in it. We live in NE Ks. so the Rt. is 220 miles to its closest point. One section we met up with the N Texas and New Mexico groups in Amarillo. Hit Rt 66 in mid Ok., spent a couple days in Amarillo with some of the nicest Cadillac people, went on to Tucumcari, NM, told the wife Ol Blue doesn't need to go any further West on 66 and headed home. 

We've taken 5 such excursions and completed the Rt from just south of Chicago to Tucumcari. Had a blast on every one. The only hiccup was a wiper motor in Eastern Mo. 

These old cars are tough.  Drive it and have fun!

Tom B

I always carry a spare T & B hose and 3 belts, I have a very modest tool bag, a date roll (Toilet Paper), some bug spray, hand cleaner and a bit of rag. It all sits, bundled up in the boot/trunk in an old suitcase that has travel stickers on the outside in what appears to be haphazard, but is in fact, the trip the car did from the USA to Australia.

Our engine has 10,000 miles on it after a rebuild 2 years ago.

I only made the comment to Astrid (wife) on Sunday when we were out in the car, that I would never hesitate to drive the car on a long trip.

My biggest concern would be parking it outside a motel room overnight.

im Stil just kicking around the idea, its either the 63 or the 73 eldo convertible..

i forgot abo ut fan belts,, definitely on list now,,,, its just that winter in MS can be a little damp, and i dont know if i want to have th convertible there then, it is fun to drive when the weather is cool there though,, 

have a couple months to decide, but getting my ideas together.

Air pressure check is a must before a long trip 

I have an air pressure gauge and a battery operated air pump in the car to enable me to get the car to a tire repair location —if needed

I can keep the tire air pressure up enough to drive on the  low tire by refilling  it as needed depending on the degree of tire damage 

My very recent experience with gas station - pay for air air pumps -has been a real bad one 

Two out of three I tried to use did not work at all ( costing a 150 —in only quarters !  each ) 

One was in a brand new Racetrack ( would you believe ? ) 

Which means having to acquire the quarters to use the machines to begin with which was a major PITA

The  personal battery operated air pumps are great for maintaining air pressure adjustments and pay for themselves  with air pump prices  being what they are ( and convenient to use anyplace ) 

At the WaWa gas stations I have been told the air pumps are free just like it use to be when I was a youngster 

A can of tire puncture repair —in the car can fill and seal a tire on the road and recommended for after hurricane use for debri on the roads then 

Here in central Florida it can be a considerable distance between gas stations and tire repair locations 

Might help keep you out of some trouble on the road and in less trouble than otherwise 


Be sure the spare  air is checked and correct 

So when all else fails you can resort to use the spare— if tire damage S/b bad 

At high speeds loss of air pressure can cause you to be riding on a tire and causing the tire to be damaged beyond repair ( especially radial tires )  

Jacking these heavy cars up to change a tire is no joke 

Stock  jack will get the car up and done ( a little scary) but a hydrolic jack is my preferred method ( chock the tires with the wedge ) 

Your call if a hydrolic jack S/b one of your travel tools for long distance travel 

i would be taking mine with me 

After all we do have all the room imaginable in our cars trunks 


Hey Tony,  thanks for the addl thoughts,, it seems is usually a tire or something simple that gets you,, even on modern cars

I always keep a jump charger with me when I travel. You never know when you might need it on these old cars, especially since lights, etc. stay on forever until you turn them off.  For less than $100 you can get them with 700+ CCA and now they often include USB charging ports for your electronic devices.  



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