Happy Father's day to all the Dads, and to the Dad's that Inspired Us

I hope all the dad's out there have a great Father's Day, and each of us in turn remember the dad's that inspired us. My dad was a huge influence on me and cars and think back to all the great times we had with the old Cadillacs.  I was always more the "bookish" type around cars and he was always the more pragmatic hands-on type that taught me that you often learn a lot more by grabbing a hand full of tools and a flash light and just jumping under the car to figure out something.  In other words he taught me to learn by doing.  More importantly, our shared interest in cars deepened our bond and love for each other and always remember the great times we had together. Here is a video tribute I did of my dad a few years back using a song by Colin Hay, a favorite artist of mine, call 'Dear Father'.  The lyrics include the line "I've got your photograph" which brings me back to the many pictures we took working on the Cadllacs, a few of which you see in the video.

Perhaps others have memories with their dad, or sons and daughters they would like to share.

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A very wonderful tribute to a dad who had to leave you to soon due to health issues 

You are a very special person who I am very sure he would be very proud of if he knew who you have become with the very many talents I have learned you have over many years of knowing of your god given skill that you have developed by doing as he taught you ( and you taught him ) 

The Apple does not fall far from the tree so all your time together is a very special blessing and bonding time that some never get to experience with there Dad 
Growing up watching you dad do all the things that dads do has an everlasting influence on who you become in this lifetime 

Many have the strong desire to do and be the person there dad was in his life and follow in his foot steps which could be one of the best possible tributes to their favorite man 

Happy Fathers Day to you and yours for what you add to many peoples lives you interact with 

It is wonderful to call you my 6364 Cadillac friend 


Great tribute. My experience is kind of the opposite of yours. My dad was a mechanical engineer who took the analytical approach. I was the young kid who was good with tools so I just wanted to take everything apart and then figure out what I needed to do. Mini bike engine won't start? Better strip it down and rebuild it, I figured. Pop would often come in at this point and offer some wisdom and help put everything back together.
I did figure out a lot doing things this way but eventually learned that working smart sure beats working hard.
My son who happens to currently be serving in the Air Force, is also pretty mechanically inclined but from the start, he was more on the methodical side. Before he took on a project, he usually had a plan of attack he had formulated from internet research. I guess I am the oddball caveman in the middle.

If there was an information superhighway available to me when I was a kid, I probably wouldn't have checked it until I had everything apart and needed to figure out how to put it back together. I certainly rely on it now though and wonder how we managed without it.

Bit early..... Father's day is 1st Sunday in September. (in Australia at least)

Every day is Father's Day for me. I probabl think about my dad every time I go on my garage.



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