Ok I finally got to drive this after 9 years of setting in a garage and the issue I am having is when I go around a corner it feels like the back end is trying to wash out it just feels loose and when i go over speed bump it shudders, very hard  to describe.  I have thoroughly cked the  the rear suspension several times I cant find anything loose it has new stock shocks but that shouldn't cause the problem . I did find something on top of the rear end that bolts to the rear end and the body hopefully someone can explain the purpose of that or maybe that's the problem, all the bushings are in good condition.  any Ideas Thanks guys.   Mark

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The upper control arm ball joint nay be faulty. The control arm keeps the rear end centered. 

Do you know who has them I called Advance auto and they talked to me like I didnt know what I was talking about I guess I need to get a moog Catalog  . I looked at it again and it looks like it is moving around  as I see some new wear like its moving. I am also thinking that would put the drive line out of alignment and cause the constant velocity joint to bind and shudder.  Thanks

It been a while since the topic has come up. I did a "Search 63/34 Cadillac Website" (upper right corner by the magnifying glass) for "rear ball joint" and came up with this: https://6364cadillac.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=6543066%3ABlogP...

That post was 10 years ago. Hopefully they are still available without costing an arm & a leg. Good luck.

Hi A little update  Thanks Kurt for finding that ball joint in rear article I didnt know what you called it anyway I went to Caddy daddy  for 135.00 bought it . So I took it out of the car and found it to be completely froze up I could hit it with small sledge and it would barely  move anyway I replaced it and is a lot better. Also my drive line shudder was fixed by replacing the 59 year old Trans Mount and I am going to do the motor mounts soon as they are also shot.

Thanks again

Good to hear. On the drive line, I replaced my motor mounts & transmission mount a few years back. It raised everything up so much that when I started the car the muffler was rattling against the floor pan & the radiator fan was hitting the fan shroud. It was a WTF! moment for sure. After adjusting the exhaust & shroud all was right with the world again. My drive line rumble was gone too.

I am sure this is going to happen to me Thanks again

I had a similar issue,  I replaced all the rear end bushings, shocks, springs and upper ball joint.  It ended up being the exhaust that caused the problem.  



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