I've got a 1963 Series 62 convertible.

Anyone know the size of the three screws used to mount the Striker Support to the trim above the windshield? The "Striker Support" appears to be the name of the part that holds the visor and that the convertible top clamps to. Anyone have a source for a set of six of thee screws, or are they a standard size/type I pick up easily at a decent hardware store?

Also, I feel stupid asking this question, but do the visor bushings go in the hole where the pivot is on this striker support (the visor supports closer to the sades of the car) or do they go in holes in the fixed support near the center of the windshield? I can't get them to fit either place.

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Nylon bushings  go into the hole that—- the tit from the top latch goes into just before you lock the top hinge in the locked position on each side of the convertible top 


You may be able to get the visor screws here when the part suppliers drop in soon 

The correct stock part should be used as they appear to be a unique design and look 


The visor bracket/striker screws as seen below are 1/4" x 20 size thread with an external star lock washer around head as seen below.  There are 2 types of nylon inserts/sleeves. The visor sleeve that goes into the visor bracket where it tightens around the vistor rod (sleeve allows it to turn but stay relatively tight) and the nylon insert for the top male guide insert. See the two green arrows in 3rd pictures. I know I have the nylon sleeve but may have the other nylon insert or screws. I am very limited on convertible parts. Let me know if you need any of these and will check. You can shoot me an email to jasonedge@nc.rr.com.

Jason, Thanks for the info and picts - they let me know just what I needed. I was lucky and my local Lowes had the right size bolts with the right oval heads in stainless steel! The 1" ones were perfect.

I have two sets of the visor bushings from OPG. I can't get the visor to fit in the hole in the bracket with the bushing with either set. Fortunately, the visor pits and stays put without the bushings.

I had better luck with the bushings for the top which fit fine.

Karl, That is great that Lowe's had the bolts! You would be surprised what that have in all those bins. I've been known to spend some quality time at the nut & bolt bins at Lowe's, Home Depot and Ace. I actually found some car stuff (e.g. exhaust bolts) at Ace that neither Lowe's or HD carried! 
On the sleeve, perhaps they sent you the grommet that goes on the other end of the rod where it fits into mirror/visor holder. Those are more like short sections of rubber hose.. which is actually a good substitute.

The bracket end sleeve is a very thing piece of plastic, with a split down the side. I have posted a picture of 2 originals below. If you cannot find any let me know as I might have a couple of good originals. About 1/2 to 2/3 don't survive well, but think I have a couple sets left...and I have a 73K mile parts car in the drive way that might have good ones.



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