Next task with my 64 DeVille project is to check TH400 condition. Gearbox came with the car but was already removed. It is 64 but not possible to say if it is the original to this car as there is no VIN stamped like in later gearboxes. And again we have one-year-only part, so I hope no need to replace mechanical parts. I got 64 gasket kit already but probably will need some more rubber for inside parts.

Two bolts from extension housing were so corroded that they broke when opening, otherwise no damages yet. O-ring in filter was not properly in place, and was cut actually. Modulator is not holding vacuum so need to be replaced. Governor valve is stuck, I hope cleaning will solve that.

I will clean all parts and replace gaskets, and other parts if necessary. Oil was very clean and red inside but I think oil has been changed or added not long time ago. 
 I can see that 64 is slightly different from 79 which I repaired year ago. All hints and advice are highly appreciated. Shop Manual is in heavy use.

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do i see some bits missing from the big band top left?

I did not notice that but will check! Thanks Mark.

Rear band is ok, I took closer look. 

I opened governor, cleaned the valve and it started to move like it should.

It seems that control valve assy gaskets for 64 are difficult to find. Need to search more. Luckily I got gaskets out in good condition so I can use the old ones if new ones not available.

Fatsco could have the trans parts you may be needing 



Any detail explanation and photos  ( with circles and arrows ) you may  be able to offer on the trans repair you are doing will be helpful for those seeing the inside of a turbo trans on this  web site for the first time — I am on this site daily since 2006

Thank you in advance  for any info you can share with our community regarding the  trans repair you are  now performing 


Matti, I know you bought parts from TA Motor before and they might have what you are looking for now.

However I have bought gear box parts from MrMechanic. He had stuff that no other had. So try him.

When TA doesn't have the parts they recommend BA Motors for used parts, but usually BA don't post the stuff on the website. Call or email them is a better bet.

There is also a chance American Cars scrapyard in Osby might have something, maybe not for the gear box but for other parts.

Finally, Hortlund could very well be your savior. I got tires for my -87 Buick and -64 Cadillac from him.

Big thanks, Anders! Looks like I will get all I need from Björn in MrMechanic.

Tack så mycket!

Valve body is easy to check and clean with help from Shop manual. Dismantling, cleaning, checking, assembly with atf oil. One dirt accumulation was found inside 1-2 shift valve.

I use ultrasound washer for cleaning metal parts.

Testing detent solenoid with 12V power.

Oil pump gets new bushings and seals


Your skills rebuilding the turbo trans are extremely impressive to me and I am enjoy every minute you are posting to learn what I might 

I was good at rebuilding my 4 speed trans behind my Super stock 1/8 mile race car when required but nothing compared to what you are doing here 

Do tell me a little about your back ground to be taking this task on as you have 





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