I have a question about the padding  used between the  headliner and  interior roof of hardtops . It's abt 1/8" thick and  I  want to remove this from my parts car because I use it for storage ; with the headliner badly torn , it's making a mess.  I figure with the  period these cars were built , possibility  of asbestos  exists . If so, I'll probably  just use a roller and paint over it . Comments?

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If the headliner is no good and just using for storage I would rip out the headliner, rip out the insulation, and remove the listing wires (thin rods that run from side to side that support the headliner) and # them front to rear if you plan to reuse. That insulation is very flammable and is a mess once it starts coming a part and don't mess around with it and trash it and save the listing wires from all of my parts cars. Some body styles, and depending on production date, had removable center roof bows. I will also remove those. If they are welded in place I usually leave them for the metal yard..  If you plan to replace the headliner with original or something similar be sure to save a good sample of it. Be sure to also note the trim code on the body plate on top of cowl. I usually save mine in an air tight bag and note the body style and trim code. 

 Thanks Jason,   yes , I want to just get rid of the headliner and  padding , it's  never gonna be on the road again. Until I can find out about possible asbestos , this project's on hold ; I'll move onto something else. Guess I could wear a filter mask , but afraid I'd start a  PANIC!

Not sure.. I've ripped 51 of them out, no mask and still here.  If concerned I would wear the mask. It doesn't take but a few minutes to get it out and if you think it does have any carcinogens, it is probably going to do you more long term damage if it just remains there above your head especially if it is already coming apart and out.

Thanks again, Jason. A very valid point indeed !  Yeah, I'll just wear a filter mask, I can just explain if the county health dept  shows up ; only half kidding! The people around here, Jeesh!



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