Several areas in my 64 SDV body need repair and attention. Front bumbers, grille and lights came separately with the car. There is one bigger rust damage behind passenger side front wheel. Windscreen has damage but I probably could pass MOT like it is now. Front bench fabric was badly broken in driver`s area. And many small things here and there.

I started by removing everything from trunk, and it was in quite original condition. Luckily no rust problems, only some brown old glue here and there. I vacuumed parts ajd put them back. Trunk fabric needs to be glued properly in place some day.

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Seat and carpets were removed when I got the car. I removed covers from seats, bought correct material from SMS and gave then to upholstery shop. Rear seat needs nothing but cleaning.

I cleaned the floor and gave it Bill Hirch Miracle Paint treatment. Carpets could cleaned somehow deeper, need to find a way for that.

Carpets have original padding under them but additionally there is a bunch a pieces of padding which should go between the floor and the carpet. And two black longer pieces as well! But which one goes where? This is like a big puzzle!!


 So very glad that the body is very solid —and   a good one to be throwing money at —-for that reason 

Many of our year cars will have rust on the passenger side because above that  is were the AC evaporator  core is located in  64 ( condensation there ) 

Always thought if would be good to treat the inside of that fender with a water proof coating  of some kind if those circumstances should  arise at some time 

Keeping a eye on your progress 

Just reviewed the 64 Service Manual regarding the Turbo trans so I have a better understanding of the parts you are working with and there location 


I would recommend using some good sound deadening  material on the cars floors to improve the feel of the   luxury ride only if  quite  is your  chosen direction 


I installed sound deadening insulation material to floor and added original padding and carpets. Somehow I want to use original parts as much as possible even when that is maybe not the optimal solution.

Original carpet is in good condition. 

That sound deadening material has a Louis Vuitton appearance. Very fancy! : )


 You do Nice work 

Almost ready for a spin around the block ! 

Rear seat getting ready. Front seat is waiting for repaired cover from upholstery shop. I got new fabric from SMS. Rear seat is all original.

The back seat looks fantastic. Did they not emboss the Cadillac crest in the seat like they did in 1963? Just curious. Did you order fabric, leather and vinyl from SMS? How long did it take from purchase to delivery? I think mine took about 6 months back in 2006.


Thanks Kurt.

I did not notice Cadillac crest there. These are original seats in the back. 
For front seats I ordered fabric from SMS, took about 4-5 months. They said that this fabric had ran out and they had to make a new batch.

Looks great 


Front seat is slowly getting ready. New fabric is from SMS, and original vinyl and leather pieces were used. Upholstery shop did great work! I cleaned and painted the frames, and installed covers and buttons. Next step is to put 6way mechanism back after cleaning and refresh. 

Very nice stock looking  interior brought  back to its second life 

Very Nice work !




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